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A Few Notes From The Editor: Mrs. Scheperle

- If you did not attend conferences last Thursday, tonight is our last night for Student-led conferences between 4:30-7:00! Be sure to bring your child with you. This is their chance to show you what they know!

-Our Valentine's Day party is this Thursday from 2:40-3:15. I could use a few helpers. If you are available, and might want to help please contact me!

-If your child is bringing in valentine's cards to share, please make sure they have 21. Also, they do not need to address these. Just put your child's name in the 'from' section.

-There is NO SCHOOL Feb. 12 and 15.

-Please practice your child's spelling words with them. The test is not taken for a grade, however it is valuable practice for first grade. Please note that I will correct their handwriting - but it does not affect the score on the paper. :)

-This week is Kindness week. To go along with it we will have a few fun dress up days: Monday, Feb.8 - Inside out day. Where your clothes inside out!

Tuesday, Feb. 9 - Pajama day. Be sure to wear tennis shoes!

Wednesday, Feb. 10 - Work out day. Wear athletic clothes.

Thursday, Feb. 11 - Valentine day. Wear Red,white and pink!

Friday, Feb. 12 - no School.

That's it for now!

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Have a SUPER week!

Mrs. S.

Homework: Help your child study their spelling words.

In Other News

Reading: We will continue to look closely at the different parts of a book as we read. We will dig deeper into each book as we read to begin answering comprehension questions.

Phonics: We will discuss 'e' word families. Examples would be _et, _en.

Writing: We will continue to work on writing narratives with a focus on writing in complete sentences

Math: We will continue to review addition and will begin a unit on measurable attributes of items such as length and weight.

Science/S.S.: Our focus will be map skill review.

Upcoming Events

-Student led conferences are tonight, Feb. 8th from 4:30-7:00.

-There is NO SCHOOL Feb. 12 and 15.

Items Needed (if you are able to donate)

-stick glue

-bottled glue

Happy February Birthday!

Spelling Words (review words this week.)