Home of the Horselords

Basic Facts

Population is 5,664,939

Capital is Bishkek

President is Almazbek Atambaev

Prime Minister is Sooronbay Jeenbekov

Kyrgyzstan's government is Parliamentary Republic

Language is Kygryz

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Sports and Entertainment

Kyrgyzstan is know for horses. They usually have horses at weddings, parties, as a hobby, and sometimes races (kok boru). They usually are dominated by males, but if women want to play, the boys can't deny. There are very few all women races (kyz-dzharysh), and lot more combined. When they are combined, they will most likely play kiss the girl (kyz-kumay), where the males have to somehow catch up to the girls and give them a kiss to win. The males usually have slower horses, so it's more of a challenge (picture down below).
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Kyrgyzstan is also know for soccer. There is a big league (shoro top league) that is played and if you win the league, you get qualified for the AFC Cup. If you are the worst at the end of the season, you have to move down a level so it's harder to get qualified for the AFC preliminary qualifying round (international). There is also the Kyrgyzstan Cup and the Kyrgyzstan Super Cup. The Kyrgyzstan cup is like a normal single elimination round tournament, but the super cup at the beginning of the regular season, and is a show down between the winner of the Kyrgyzstan Cup and the winner of the whole league. The league but there is a super good team. They are called the Dordoi Bishkek, they have won 9 times. Their star player is Zamirbek Zhumagulov, who has been the MVP 3 times.
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Kyrgyzstan has travelling musicians and shamans that play manaschi, which a person that recites the epic of Manas, a five hundred thousand line story, which is twenty times longer than the Odyssey and Iliad combined. What Kyrgyzstan people usually sing is heroic songs or heroic poems. They do have some more "pop" like music and they have black metal, which is a hard rock style. Those are a few of the song types. How about instruments? They play lots of instruments, such as kyl kiak (almost like a fiddle), sybyzgy (almost like a side blown flute), and chopo-choor and the temir ooz komuz (which are both like a mouth harp).

Kyrgyz people watch similar movie styles to the USA. They both have romantic, heroic, comedy, etc. Some movies like the Chimp and The White Horse have been played in the USA.

5 years old Kyrgyz Manaschi

Mountain Ranges

Jalioo, 2500-3000 miles above sea level, makes it so you can touch and see many wild animals, such as bull, horses, deer, etc. Another popular mountain range is Tash Rabat. Tash Rabat is a mountain range that passes though the silk road. You can see many old camps, you can either drive or walk through the many mountains, but beware, there might still be some bandits waiting for you if you decide to walk through the tough terrain. Altyn Arashan is a beautiful hiking and relaxing mountain area. You can visit some of the biggest mountains in Kyrgyzstan and if you are ready to rest, you can find one of the local farms in the valley area and stay there all night. You can even pick their food and eat it all day for only $4.


Issyk-Kul is the second largest mountain lake in the world. Issyk-Kul stands for hot lake because it never freezes over. It is easily one of the biggest and most visited attractions in Kyrgyzstan. Issyk-Kul leads to many of the best beaches in Kyrgyzstan and even some of the biggest lakes in the world. Such as the Alpine Lake which is a beautiful lake and some of the best water. Lake Chatyr-Kul is a lake that runs through part of China and the eastern part of Kyrgyzstan. It runs through the Tian Shan mountain range.


Kyrgyzstan is know for producing potatoes, tobacco, cotton, and other crops. Their natural exports include gold, uranium, and mercury. Their GDP per capita is $3,400. Kyrgyzstan needs refined petroleum (10.9% of their imports) because refined petroleum is another word for fuel and Kyrgyzstan, like every other country, needs fuel for planes to get in and out of their country, cars (5th most imported product for Kyrgyzstan) to travel faster, and every other vehicle. It's the second most traded product, and the USA is leading the race with the most refined petroleum imported.

The second most imported product for Kyrgyzstan is knit men suits (5.2% of their imports) and Kyrgyzstan needs that because they love celebrations, and you have to dress up nice for each celebration. Kyrgyzstan has pretty good farmland, they are known to export crops, so they have to have good farmland.


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