Francisco De Coronado

By: Samantha Sta Maria

Who was Francisco De Coronado and What Did He Do?

Francisco De Coronado was a man that was born in Spain 1510. He was very well educated. Which means he had the knowledge to travel to the New Word. The "New World" is now known as North America. He also stopped a slave rebellion. Lastly, he was appointed governor of an important province in New Spain.

When And Why Francisco De Coronado Explored.

Francisco De Coronado explored in 1540-1541-1542. Francisco explored because he wanted to seek glory and wealth just like most other explorers. He also wanted to find the Seven Cities Of Gold in Cibola. More than anything he ever wanted was to discover the golden cities and become rich and very famous.

Places Francisco De Coronado Explored

Francisco De Coronado explored many different places. He explored present-day New Mexico, Kansas, Rio Grande Valley, and the Grand Canyon.

What Were His Accomplishments?

Francisco De Coronado found the Rio Grande Valley. Also, because of his trip it gave priest a chance to spread christianity to America Indians in the southwestern part of North America.