All About Eggs Project

By- Caleb Foster

  1. What foodborne diseases are associated with eggs and how can they be prevented?

    Bacteria and this could be prevented to just by washing it really good

  2. How to buy eggs –

    1. What grades and sizes do they come in?

      Aa a and b

    2. Which one is better?


  3. How should eggs be stored and for how long?

    In the fridge and for 2- 1 month depending on the egg

  4. What properties can eggs be used for? (i.e. thickeners, binding, etc.)


  5. What are some of the different ways eggs can be cooked?

Scramble egg and sunny side up

  1. What are some good substitutes for eggs and what reasons would someone not want to eat eggs?

    Some good substitutes for egg would be milk and that would be allergies

  2. What nutrients and health benefits are found in eggs? Include a nutritional facts label and discuss the healthy vs. unhealthy nutrients found on the label.

    The nutrition in eggs is that they have a protein in them and they can make you big and very strong the un healthy thing is that they could be undercooked could be very bad for and you could get even sick

  3. How can eggs be a part of a healthful diet?

    They give you protein

  4. Tips and Tricks – include some interesting helpful hints for eating and/or working with eggs.

  5. Include a list of references where you obtained your research. You must use at least three different resources.