Pershing's Official Weekly-Week of January 4th

The First Two Weeks of January. . .

Week of January 4th

Monday, Jan 4th

-MS Grades Should Be Posted

-First VB Practice

Tuesday, Jan 5th

-Elem Grades Should Be Posted

-MS Grade Verifications

-Dr. Jungmann Visit (1:30pm)

-Tech Time Level 1 with the TWERP in the PM

-ELP Tutoring (3-4:30pm)

Wednesday, Jan 6th

-MS and Elem Grade Cards Printed for Corrections

-Leadership Planning Meeting (Mrs. Holmes's House from 8:30am to 2:30pm)

-Debate (3-4:30pm)

Thursday, Jan 7th

-Grade Cards Printed

-Dr. Steiger Visit (1:30pm)

-Good News (2:45pm)

-ELP Tutoring (3-4:30pm)

-Math Counts (3-4pm)

-Talent Show Try Outs (3-5pm)

-8th Grade parent Night at Kickapoo (6pm)

Friday, Jan 8th

-Lockdown (9am) and Fire Drill (9:05)

-Attendance Incentive at Lunch: Dance Party and Dunkers

-MS and Elem Grade Cards Go Home

Week of January 11th

Monday, Jan 11th

-PTA Board Meeting In Hay's Room

Tuesday, Jan 12th

-Tech Time with the TWERP in the PM

-Faculty Meeting/Learning Session (3-4pm)

Wednesday, Jan 13th

-Principal Meeting (All Day-Holmes; 11am-Groves)

-PAT Storytime at 9:30am

-Debate (3-4:30pm)

Thursday, Jan 14th

-Pershing Staffing

-Good News (2:45pm)

-ELP Tutoring (3-4:30pm)

-Math Counts (3-4pm)

Friday, Jan 15th


"Rough Draft" January 4th Edition

I wanted to get a calendar to you so that is all that is included in this "Rough Draft". I will have additional information for you and will add updates to this edition. You can utilize the same link to see this edition will be updated with additional information