CNE Staff Newsletter

Plus 2 Program - Check in and Check Out Program

It's 2 AM, last night at the Campground, I check Facebook and this is the first video (below) I see on my feed.

It is a schoolwide check-in and check-out a program for our this schools neediest kids. I spent the next two hours working on how to implement it here at CNE. It was the right video at the right time. We have to address the needs of some of our students.

We need a mind shift

"Relationships between students and passionate teachers will always be the foundation of successful classrooms " Kayla Delzer's TED X

We as a CNE staff have a Collective Responsibility to each and every student and staff member in our school. Each one of us has a responsibility to help define and achieve success for each other. If a student is struggling or a staff member. We have to find a way to pick them/each other up.

Every student that walks through the CNE doors is your student. Every staff member that works with a student that is in your class is trying to do what is best for that student at any given time. Every staff member here has an important role to play in our student's success. Relationships are the key to everything. It should be our priority, and content should be secondary.

CNE Plus 2 Program

Below I need each teacher to fill out the google form giving us 2 boys and 2 girls to enroll in our Plus 2 Program. Next week we will meet on Thursday in lieu of our grade level collaboration (ALL STAFF). There will hand out our check-in logs and we will hand out your student assignments. We will start the Plus 2 the program Monday 9-17-18. Students will check in with their staff mentor Between 8:20 AM and 8:30 AM each morning and at 3:00 PM-3:10 PM each afternoon. Students will find their mentor and will spend 2-3 minutes going over the check-in/out folder each day during those times. I will go over the rest of the details on Thursday.


Also, CNE ROAR time will begin Wednesday, September 12 form 2:00 PM - 3:00. This will be your weekly grade level collaboration time. I will take all grade levels, the location each week will rotate. It should work out that it will be every Wednesday. I will notify you if there are weeks we cannot hold ROAR.

One School One Book

"The Lemonade War" The Book Title is CONFIDENTIAL TO STUDENTS! We will hold a reveal party/assembly.

We will be doing this in October. I need a committee to help plan the kickoff and the months events. We will meet on Thursday, September 6 after school. Please let me know if you want to be on the committee.

Upcoming Events

September 6 Plus 2 Program Meeting 7:45-8:10 Maker Lab

September 6 One School One Book Committee Meeting after school My office

September 10 PD Day in the HS Auditorium, PLEASE REGISTER

September 12 CNE ROAR 2:00-3:00 PM Location TBD

September 19 PT Conferences

September 28 Tentative OSOB Assembly/Book Kick Off

October 1 OSOB Begins

October 1,2,3 1/2 Day PD's for each grade level Google and Seesaw More details soon