Jill's Bachelorette

get ready for a day of fist pumpery and laser pew-pews!

Saturday, Aug. 30th, 1:30pm

3035 Saint Antoine Ouest

Westmount, QC

What’s up buttercups! Here’s the itinerary du jour for Jill's Bachelorette on August 30th 2014:

1:30PM – DG Entertainment

3035 St. Antoine Ouest, Studio 77, Westmount

514.846.8456 info@dgentertainment.ca

**Please be there ON TIME because I plan on adult-napping Jill and blindfolding her. We should be arriving at 1:51 and 43 seconds precisely. Jill has no flipping clue what we’ll be doing that day so shhhhh**

Each and every one of us has an inner goddess just dying to express herself. Having said that, we’re going pole dancing. WOOHOO! I promise you’ll laugh, possibly fall, probably embarrass yourself to bits but definitely want to do it again. The class will be from 2-4PM. I’ve received confirmation from 12 people including myself (13 with Jill). The total per person is a whopping 30$. I had to put down a deposit to guarantee the reservation so if you cannot show up for whatever reason, please know that there are no refunds. If possible, please e-transfer your portion to stefaniehamelin@gmail.com. You will have to enter a password, which I will also have in order to accept the transfer – to make it easy on everyone, use “jillandanthony” (one word) as the password. Of course I realize that e-transfers may not be convenient for everyone so I trust that you will be able to pay cash on the day of the event.

After releasing our inner hoochies, we’re all coming to my place – I’ll be serving a variety of shockingly fancy hors d’oeuvres such as, but not limited to, vegetables and dip, pizza (the cold tomato sauce kind), and so on. Tantalizing, I know. You’re welcome. Feel free to bring alcohol, I will be more than happy to provide glasses and ice cubes on demand. We can get ready at my place and play “lets-get-to-know-each-other-while-molding-penises-out-of-play d’oh-and-other-mature-games”

8:30PM :Terrasses Bonsecours

364 Rue De la Commune Est, Quai du Vieux-Port, Montréal

514.288.9407 or 514.969.9716

I chose this place because its on a rooftop overlooking the Old Port of Montreal – it also happens to turn into a club after dinner so we can get Jill hammered and watch her practice her newly acquired pole dancing skills on the bar. Mission accomplished.

Any questions – call/text me at 514.966.0516

**This is the list of all the women attending**

Jill Quenneville, Stefanie Hamelin, Christine Morgan, Amanda Claviere, Stephanie Pam, Susy Binstock, Emma Gaudet, Sarah Scanlon, Erica Shaheed, Francesca Maltese, Alessandra Berardi, Cathy Nichols, Ciara Briscoe (activity only), Susanna Beaudoin (dinner only)

Very excited to meet you all! I’ll let you all know any additional information when the day approaches!