Please read how VTF will work this year!



Our Sunday ceremony will be at John Handley High School.

Please plan pick up accordingly. All events that morning will be moved there so we have the space we need to be all together that day. *We will have a 28 person capacity shuttle/trolley if it is too late to inform your mode of transportation or they cannot make it to John Handley's campus. Please email us with questions and let us know if you cannot arrange pick up at the high school. See the details below.


We are doing things a bit differently this year... READ FIRST:

1. Workshops are first come, first serve, NOT sign up in advance (ITF does it this way).

2. THESE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE- The final version will come out or be updated by Wednesday, but anything can happen. After that, please look for any updates in Eventsential. With any last minute changes due to artists being sick and not being able to attend, etc. will be announced and updated in there, as well as room/location changes.

3. When a workshop is full, there will be a sign on the entrance door saying so. Please respect the space/workshop for safety reasons and go to a different one.

4. If you have questions about workshops, where they are, etc. WAIT UNTIL YOU ARRIVE and ask someone at the "Ask a VTO" or "Registration table" in the OBT lobby.

5. DOUBLE CHECK TIMINGS FOR EVERYTHING- there are a lot of things happening. Make sure you know your competition and performance times BEFORE trying to schedule or attend something else.

6. To go through the document, here is how you can find what you need: TAB 1- The list of when and where the workshops are happening, TAB 2- The person teaching it and the description, so you can read more about it, & TAB 3- The one act schedule.

7. Map out your ideal weekend, know things might change a bit, you may have to try going to a few, and HAVE FUN! It's okay to walk in late or leave early from a workshop as long as you are going to a competition or performance or coming to/from another conflict. Otherwise, please respect the artist, so they want to come back. There is a survey for your feedback you can fill out, towards the end of your weekend, to let us know who should come back or other suggestions. We are letting the guest artists know about tardies and early exits too. Just respect the door sign if they are full and you're are running late, try another one!

8. Make a plan A, B, & C filling out the WHOLE document so you have options!


DRAFT LIST OF WORKSHOPS- Use the graphic organizer below to map your weekend.

*Use a PDF editor or print and write in your dream weekend!


Sunday, Jan. 15th, 10:30am-12:30pm

425 Handley Boulevard

Winchester, VA

Patsy Cline Auditorium + nearby classrooms


-There are limited trolley seats if you are not driving over to JHHS on Sunday, please allow the performers to take the 8 am or early shift. Otherwise, sleep in a bit and head over closer to 10 am. Thank you for being a respectful and kind attendee!


9 am- Troupe Director & Troupe President Mtgs in nearby classrooms, auditorium load in

10 am- Winning One Act Walk through, rehearsal for Ceremony performers

10:45 am - House Opens for Start of Ceremony, 11:00 am speeches begin

11:15 am- Chapter Select Winning One Act Performs

12:00 pm- Awards & Student Showcase

1:30 pm- Lunch & Load out



Download Eventsential & find our event: Virginia Thespian Festival to stay informed all weekend long! Watch this video to help you navigate the app!

OTHER OPTIONAL EVENTS- Sign up in advance!

-SCIL VR DEMO- in the Health and Life Sciences Building (The H&LS)

  • Sign up in advance, report to the OBT lobby 10-15 min before your time slot and someone will walk you over to the VR basement lab in the H&LS building!
  • Only stay for 20-30 minutes to give others a chance
  • Have fun!

-24 HOUR PLAY FESTIVAL: Calling Student Playwrights, Directors, & Actors

  • Fill out the form
  • Use the hyperlink to read more about it!
  • Bring your big ideas & a prop or costume piece to the Fri. 2 pm Meet & Greet

- SU Backstage Tours in the afternoons- interested in touring a college theater?!

  • Sign up individually for the limited spots to get a tour
  • Be respectful and DO NOT go anywhere or touch ANYTHING without permission. This is happening in between rehearsals so props, costumes, and more will be out & about
  • Listen to your tour guides and try to save questions for the end when you are back in the lobby so you do not slow down the tour!
  • Have fun! Learn a lot- you can take pictures and post to the app!

Tag us on social media or post in the app so we can re-share when you are having fun. On Eventsential, post to the "social timeline" once you arrive and online tag @vathespians or use the hashtag, #vtf2023!

Get Excited! All NEW swag in our spirit store!

This is just a taste... More information about all the swag you could want, coming soon...


We have over 1,000 attendees for our BIGGEST festival in our 40+ year history! It truly will be out of this world. Some things to look forward to include but are not limited to...

  • VENDOR BINGO- Complete this card with stickers from each table to be entered into a drawing to win a prize! Prizes announced soon! (We will have printed copies to hand out at the VTO table!)
  • HSH- The Human Scavenger Hunt- scan other student's QR codes on their name badge to "collect all 4" and learn more about students from other schools. Then scan the QR code labeled "SCAVENGER HUNT FINAL SUBMISSION" when you think you have finished completing all 4 Google Forms on the hunt to be entered into ANOTHER prize drawing. You will pick up stickers at the VTO table.
  • VTO Events- During the evenings check out one of the following VTO Events
  1. Game Night & Outer Space Chase Fri. night
  2. Karaoke & Open Mic Night Sat. night
  3. Vote to pie a VTO in the face fundraiser with your change, all weekend, we pie on Sunday!
  4. Tech Olympics Sat. AM in the Brandt Ferrari Room
  5. Stop by the "Ask a VTO" table in OBT to find out more information
  6. Attend the VTO/ Potential officer & Troupe Leadership mtg on Sunday in 1314 at JHHS!
  • Attend a one act or two!
  • Attend a late night show: Fri- Ayesis one woman multimedia performance, Fri/Sat- Late Night Comedy with Brooklin, Sat- 24 Hour Play Festival, late night one acts, & more!
  • Try a food truck!
  • Stickerfy your name badge- Add stickers to your name badge to tell us about who you are and why you came to VTF to make more connections with new people! (This is a preview, wait to scan & see stickers at VTF!)
  • Attend up to 8 different workshops across the full weekend!