Apple really brought a lot attention to the iPhone that everyone knows by creating an even bigger phone in an unexpected color. The rose gold phone urged many people to upgrade that weren't originally planning to.
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Adidas really branded themselves well by bringing on Kanye West to design a line of shoes that quickly turned into a very profitable line. By selling these shoes they have revamped their brand into something that many people want to wear.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia really broke through this year with their very popular brow products and various other products like contour and eye shadow palettes. Most of the marketing was done by way of YouTube using beauty gurus to use the products in videos to the point that almost all YouTubers had a variation of their product.


Cinderella was heavily hyped because it was a recreation of a very beloved classic. With all of the history they could have easily sold tickets without a lot of marketing but that was not the route they took. Instead they partnered with MAC to create a long awaited collection.
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Star wars

Star wars was definitely the most marketed movie of 2015 by far. Everywhere you went you either saw the clothing, novelty merchandise or the movie poster. The marketing definitely payed off when the movie released and people across America lined up outside the theater to see the movie.
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Drake broke the internet many times this year whether it was with a surprise collaboration mixtape or an entertaining music video. This marketing made him an undisputed top artist.
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Future was a great example of good marketing his somewhat underground rapper career and turning it into a much more mainstream widely heard one. His album brought him a lot of attention due to the large amount of chart toppers and singles that came from it, he only got bigger when he released a collaboration mixtape with Drake.