Communication and Collaboration

8th Grade Physical Education Class

Coach's Eye

Coach's Eye allows students to better understand movements. It works by filming you doing an action. This can be something in any type of sport.

  • Examples: A pitcher throwing a baseball; shooting a basketball; kicking a soccer ball; and throwing a food ball

What this app allows you to see is where your making the mistakes that you are making. It allows you to slow down the film in slow motion. Then you can illustrate by using the angle tools or the line tools. This helps you understand where the issues are. It would also be beneficial as you performed a skill that you are documenting where that object is going and where you intended it to go. This helps break down what you need to change. Another way Coach's Eye helps is you can compare videos side by side. You can show changes that you made that helped improve your results.


Prezi is a software that illustrates ideas in a virtual format.

What does Prezi bring? It allows teachers to create a better learning environment. It brings in a virtual reality. You can fly from one section to another. It is entertaining and educational. Throughout a semester students will work in groups to create a presentation about ways to stay fit. They will make sure to include what the components of optimal fitness. They will also include parts of their nutrition and diet in the presentation as well.

Anatomy Arcade

Anatomy Arcade is an online tool to help students understand the human body. They can learn by playing games. Interactive videos, puzzles, flash cards. It allows them to understand where each muscle is on the body. If we are teaching students to becoming active we need to show them what muscles they are working to help them understand more.

Nourish Interactive

This is a great site for students to understand how to nutrition works. It gives teachers great printables for healthy habits as well as healthy food printable. It gives daily healthy tips and it also gives tools that I would have the students use. These tools are my plate, food label tool, smart snack calculator, nutrient tool, food pyramid, and BMI calculator. I would have a project where students work in groups to present to the class about healthy eating and what a food pyramid would have on it.