Driving Quotes

Chevy Racing

Driving quotes #1

"Always focus on the front windsheild and not the review mirror". 

Driving quote #2

"you know someone actually complimented me on my drivinv today, they left a little note on the windsheild that says parking fine".

Driving quote#3

"Driving at speed limit stops hideous thoughts".
Corvette ZR1 acceleration top speed 0-330 km/h. ( www.vb2r.com ) 0-205 mph-Gopro

Thematic Statement

Driving is fun because you get to go where ever you want. Driving is not a game you have to be careful and you have to know what n where your want to go or else you will end up somewhere you don't want.

Connection Paragraph :)

Driving does connect with me because i have to drive everyday to school, and the things i see out there makes me think that it is dangerous.. It's also nice just to hear music while driving down town Mcallen at night with the HID's on..
2013 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet - Fail