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January 11, 2016

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Our mission at Richland Elementary is to engage students in a safe learning environment to become socially and academically successful.

Week at a Glance

Monday, January 11

  • Bea Luchin visits today.
  • Morning and afternoon ASPIRE this week
  • Staff meeting in library @ 3:40 for teachers

Tuesday, January 12

  • Kerri at Principal ILT and RTI meeting all day
  • Chick-Fila Night at the Rufe Snow Location 6-10
  • Nominations for TOY (Teacher of the Year) starts today-See details below

Wednesday, January 13

  • Michelle at Counselor meeting
  • Western Day
Thursday, January 14
  • Jeff Samuelson here to hand out classroom iPads and give instructions. It will take about 20 minutes. SPED will need to join a grade level during your planning time.
  • 4th grade at writing training with Norma
  • Kerri at T-TESS training in the AM

Friday, January 15

  • End of fourth six weeks-Grades due next Tuesday morning
  • Last day to nominate for TOY

Teacher of the Year (TOY) Nominations

Teacher of the Year Nominations for Richland Elementary are due to Kerri by this Friday. You may email me the nomination or it may be hand written. If it is a written nomination, please place it in the box inside of my office. When making a nomination of one of your fellow teachers, please submit the name of the teacher and why you feel this teacher would be the best choice for Richland's TOY. Please review the criteria set out by the district below when making your nominations. We have so many teachers here that are deserving of this honor!


Nominees should be exceptionally skillful and dedicated teachers in the elementary, middle or high schools and are planning to continue in an active teaching status.

Nominees should have the respect and admiration of students, parents, and co-workers. In their communities, as well as in their schools, they should play active and useful roles, often distinguishing themselves as leaders.

All nominations should be made without regard to age, sex, race, or religion. Additionally, the Teacher of the Year forfeits their title if they leave the district during the year in which they are serving.

Guidelines for Selecting a Candidate:

1. Be a highly effective classroom teacher as evidenced by student results.

2. Must have bachelor's degree and a valid teacher’s certificate. In the case of Career and Technology teachers, they may be non-degreed, but must possess a valid teaching certificate.

3. Be engaged in or has leadership role in professional learning for themselves and/or others.

4. Contribute to the professional community and the school community and culture in order to strengthen the teaching profession.

5. Examples of community involvement including, but not limited to, serving in a non-profit agency, teaching Sunday School, working at a youth center as a volunteer, etc.

6. Use technology to enhance student’s learning and depth of understanding.

7. Be seen as a positive influence among staff, parents and community members.

8. Create a classroom that strives to reach all learners using a variety of techniques.

9. Student focused.

Shout Outs!

  • Thanks to Barbi and Aletha for working on the order for additional books for our leveled library. Hopefully we will get the new books soon and have current titles in all levels.
  • Thanks to Jeff and Melissa for finding our missing scopes! That was a huge relief!!
  • A big thanks to Chad for filling in for me this week! Thanks also to Michelle and the office staff for all of their help. I was not feeling well this week, as I had several kidney stones! NO fun... Thanks also to Greg Bicknell, the principal of WAP, for allowing Chad to help out here.
  • Thanks to Michelle and Pam for training all classroom teachers about STAR 360. Hopefully this screener will give us additional information on student's strengths and weaknesses. I know that after meeting with Pam and Michele that many of you were concerned about the time in the computer lab. I asked Jenny and Aletha to come up with a schedule that would hopefully give you the time that you need to test as well as extra help. Thanks to Aletha and Jenny for coming up with a schedule that hopefully works for everyone!
  • Thanks to Tammi for finishing up the organization on the science lab. She just has a few more labels to make and it will be complete! Please be sure to put your things away in the correct place when either using the lab or using supplies from the lab in your classroom. Remember also that the science lab is not the "dumping ground" for all unwanted things. If you have some science supplies that you feel would benefit everyone that you want to donate, please talk with Tammi about where to put it in the lab.
  • Thanks to Jenny and Deedra for heading up the social committee and planning fun activities. A BIG thanks to Kathryn and Joey Jordan for hosting RES Game Night. They were so welcoming and their home is beautiful. I think everyone had a great time playing games, visiting and enjoying snacks.
  • Thanks to Magaly for covering Jamika Hill's class when a substitute did not pick up. We are appreciative of willingness to fill in where she is needed.

Tibits of Info

  • Everyone should be winding down for the third six weeks. Six weeks tests need to be given and scanned into AWARE. Grades should be in Skyward and ready to be posted by the beginning of the day on Tuesday morning. Please make sure that all names for awards are given to Traci by the end of the day on Tuesday as well.
  • Jeff Samuelson will be here to meet with K-5 during your planning to show how to set up iPads and give a short training. He said it will last about 20 minutes. If you need to ask additional assistance on technology, I am sure Jeff would be happy to assist you while he is here. Also, some of you need to share with Jeff what you have been doing!
  • Monday's staff meeting will begin at 3:45 and is for teachers only. We will have a couple of guest speakers.
  • UPSC should be visible to students in every classroom that teaches math. Bea Luchin will be visiting on Monday. Bea will probably pop into math rooms to see instruction and should be available during your planning for questions.
  • We will begin Plan Do Study Act in the 4th six weeks in one subject. More info to come at the next staff meeting. I need everyone to read the chapter(s) in your Continuous Improvement book, find a place to put your PDSA board in your room, and to decide on the subject you would like to begin with to study.
  • Please send an updated class schedule to Traci. As I tried to look at schedules in her book in the office, some were missing and others were incorrect. Anytime your schedule changes, you should send an updated copy to Traci. Thanks!
  • Please send any events that need to be put on the 4th six weeks calendar for parents to Traci and me by this Friday.

Game Night Fun!

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Upcoming Events

  • Jan. 18-MLK Day
  • Jan.19-29-STAR Early Literacy/Reading K-8 should be completed
  • Jan. 19-Art/PLC day-Norma will be back to answer questions after kids take the MOY
  • Jan. 19-Collaborative Conferences about Math
  • Jan. 19-Kerri at Principal Meeting
  • Jan. 20-LOL Meeting
  • Jan. 21-Chad to AP ILT
  • Jan. 22-5th grade to the Symphony
  • Jan. 25.-Staff Meeting-Follow Up for UPSC-Bring student samples
  • Jan. 27.-Jersey/Number Day and Chili Cook-Off
  • Jan. 28-Battle of the Books Competition
  • Feb. 5-All grade levels meet for reading collaboratives in PLC room
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Richland Elementary

Mascot: Rockets

Colors: Red and Blue

Grade Levels: Pre-Kindergarden-5th Grade

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