Megan Unseth

History of Softball

According to the Amateur Softball Association of America, publisher of History of Softball and the ASA, "Softball was invented inside the Farragut Boat club in November of 1887" (1). It was made after the football game between Harvard and Yale, when Harvard won; it all started when a man threw a boxing glove and another hit it with a stick (Amateur Softball Association of America 5-6). He then drew bases with chalk and had 19 rules to go with the simple game of softball (Amateur Softball Association of America 20). It was first known as Kitten ball until 1925 )Amateur Softball Association of America 32). Soon after, they changed the name to softball.


In softball, there are simple rules like 3 strikes and your're out and 4 balls your walk to first base. Also, you need 9 players for a team, but there are more than just simple rules. According to the Missouri University o Science and Technology, " The baselines will be 65 feet and the distance from the pitchers mound to home plate is 50 feet" (2). There also is this rule where if the third foul ball is caught by the catcher the batter is out (Missouri University of Science and Technology 25). These rules are to help the safety of the players and to keep the game moving smoothly.


There are nine positions for a standered softball team. According to Buzzle, publisher of Softball Rules and Positions, "There is a first, second and third base, Pitcher and Catcher and three outfielders" (10). The out fielders are called center, left back and right back. There are also pinch hitters used in games (Sportsspectator 24). There also can be an extra player that usually plays out in the out fielder (Live Strong 18). In Softball, every position is always important.


In softball, you need to hit to score. There are many tips to improve your batting. According to Active, publisher of Generating power from the core, "Bat speed comes from the hips and the care" (13). Which you add more power to the ball and it will go farther. "The way you hold your bat changes the speed of the ball after contact" (Active 1-4). Each of these different changes will help the quality of your at bats and help score.


The only way to keep the game going is to get outs. One of the most important Technics to get an out is correct fielding. According to Active, publisher of Glove work fro fielding ground balls, ' A good fielder is one that goes and gets the ball very aggressively' (4-5). You should also have your glove go to the ball, this causes the ball to hop less (Active 10). With fielding a ball your glove and feet work are super important. If you always wand a good throw, you need to field it first.


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