First Grade News!

Ms Patti's Class, first week of November

Halloween at Delphi's house

Our Halloween celebration was a big success! It was a crisp, beautiful, fall walk to Cumberland Avenue last week and the children loved it! Their costumes were so fun, and the kids enjoyed parading through Montford. Our day seemed perfect. All of the kids changed as soon as they got to school because so many teachers were already in costume! They worked hard in the morning learning about Day of the Dead, a Mexican and Mexican-American celebration of our loved ones who have passed. They also learned about UNICEF and built their trick-or-treat for UNICEF boxes. Then, after lunch we did some calm weaving of spider webs and at noon we started our parade. 'Thank you' to all of the parents who walked with us or dropped by the party. A big thanks to Beth for helping in the morning and then driving back to school to help at the end of the day. Delphi's house is a magical place where baby dolls rule and climbing and swinging are the norm. The kids did some crafts and games but mostly chose to play. They had a simple snack together towards the end- beautiful cupcakes, carrot and celery sticks, popcorn and yummy apple cider. The walk back to school was calm and fun.... kids chatting together, watching the leaves fall, and crunching leaves along the way. Ms Jen's giant jellyfish costume was not only beautiful, but made an extremely affective crossing guard! Thanks to each of you parents for providing wonderful and thoughtful costumes- your children were so pleased. Thanks, too, goes to our parent volunteers and the parents who provided craft supplies and snacks. Yay! On to November....

Send back the UNICEF boxes

We hope that your child had fun trick-or-treating and also trick-or-treating for UNICEF. We'll be combining and counting up the money in our class this week and then we'll add our collection to the whole-school collection. Isaac Dickson has been trick-or-treating for UNICEF for the last 15 years! We'll announce how much money our school collected in the next news letter.

Sky Top Apple Orchard

We had a great time and beautiful weather at Sky Top last month. The kids learned about 'local foods' and then went off on a wagon ride. They saw beautiful views and lots of farm animals. Afterwards, we walked through the orchards picking apples and then explored the bamboo forest and animal areas. In the past few weeks we've been cooking with apples and doing apple art. We learned about the apple tree life cycle. We've printed with apples and written apple/fall words and phrases. We've made apple sauce and yummy apple muffins. Thanks to Beth, Andromache's mom for helping with our cooking. This week we will try apple pie!
Class Blog

This is a link to our class blog. I'd love a parent to help the kids write the blog and take a few photos each week. Do you have time? Let me know!

This Week

Math: We are finishing up a unit on Geometry. Your kids are learning how to use math vocabulary to describe 2-D shapes. They are also learning how to use smaller, dissimilar shapes to build a bigger shape.... like using two triangles to make a rhombus or square, or using two trapezoids to make a hexagon. Some of the vocabulary your kids should use to describe a shape- straight lines, vertices or corners, same length, different length, curved lines, open or closed, trapezoid, hexagon, square, rectangle, circle, triangle, oval, rhombus. We'll be finishing up this unit and we have an end of the week assessment.
Writing: We are finishing up our small moment stories (narrative writing), and learning how to self-assess using a rubric. The kids will have an assessment on narrative writing the end of the week.
Fundations: We are working on 'glued together sounds' like all, an and am. We've mastered digraphs and bonus letters at the ends of words (ll, ff, ss). We work on new sounds, and then learn how to use them in reading and spelling. After the end of each unit, your child has a unit test to see if they learned all of the new concepts. Often they pass the test, but they do not use these new concepts automatically yet. We will keep practicing!
Reading: We have been working hard in small groups focused on specific decoding and comprehension skills. This month we will shift to a focus on written comprehension in most groups in preparation for our mid year assessments. The kids have made good gains in reading and seem to become stronger and stronger using the reading strategies they've been learning in group time. There is so much research out there that supports this simple fact: The more your child reads, the better reader they become. Keep reading a lot at home and we'll do the same at school! If you run out of time in the evening and you haven't yet done homework, the best thing to do is have your child read their book to you. If you don't have time for the worksheets, don't stress, but never skip the reading.
Science and Social Studies: This month we will focus on history a bit and continue our schoolyard ecosystems. We have focused on our science journals, and we'll be learning a new format for observing and asking questions like good scientists do.
Spelling: Trick words your child should be able to spell automatically: the, I, a, and, is, his, of, as, has, to, into, we, he, she, be, me, for, or, you, your, they, was, one, said. Use these words on the homework worksheet for the spelling practice section.
Wordle of the Week from Ms Crystal

Each Monday, Ms Crystal puts a new World of the Week on the library website. Check it out with your child! It's a fun puzzle, plus her website always has interesting news for you.

Box Tops for Education

Our school raised over $800 dollars with this program last year, and we need that money! Help us be the class with the most boxtops! Send them in everyday.

November Calendar- no scheduled field trips.

Sunday, Nov. 2nd- set your clocks back one hour and enjoy the extra time.
This Tuesday, Nov. 4- Election day. No school. Take your child with you to VOTE.
Next Tuesday, Nov. 11- Veterans' Day- No school.
Thursday, Nov. 20- holiday meal in the cafeteria- join us at 10:45.
Wednesday-Friday, Nov. 26-28- Thanksgiving. No school.