by Alannah Ferrin


Native Americans-The white people tracked the Indians homes and they fought.

Gold Rush- Many people in the southeast sought after gold in California.

Indian Removal- Many Indians were forced off of the land to live in Oklahoma. This is called the Trail of Tears. So the white people have more land.

Segregation-Segregation is when black and white people where separated.

Slavery-The black people where slaved by white people.

An Apache Tear

The apache tear is a rock that is found near my home in Arizona. The ledge is that the Apache Indians would rather die then be moved on to a reservation. Many of this tribe jumped off cliffs where these rocks can be found.



Mountains-The Blue Ridge Mountains are called that because its peeks and ridges often appear wrapped in soft blue. And this is in Georgia.

Piedmont-The piedmont stretches through the Southeast.

Coast-The coast is stretches in north and south by Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

Plains-Plains has lots of grass

Famous People

Famous People:

Rosa Parks-Rosa Parks was born on February 4,1913 and died on October 24,2005. Rosa Parks try to prove black people should be like white people this was called Civil Rights an example go to same store and sit where you like on a bus. And she broke the law by not letting a white man sit in her place in 1955.

Martin Luther King Jr.-Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15,1929 and died on April 04,1968.Martin King Jr. did 250 speeches and 250,000 came to hear him talk. And on his last speak he was shout and died on April 04,1968.

President Madison-President Madison was born on March 16,1751 and died on June 28,1836.And he was the U.S President. And he was called the father of constitution.

National Monuments

Washington D.C. - Is the capital of U.S. lots of history to be found and that's where the White House is and the congress meets.

Lincoln Memorial- Lincoln Memorial is in Washington D.C..

Jefferson Memorial-Jefferson Memorial is in Washington D.C..

Washington D.C-Is in Washington D.C.. And my dad has been in there.

Natural Resources

Forest-Many animals depend on the forest in the Southeast. There are many acres in the Southeast forest.

Farmland-Many farmers have trouble making a farm landing because the weather.

Mining-The gold is embedded in microscopic flecks in volcanic rock along what geologists call the Carolina Slate Belt which winds from northern Georgia through Carolinas and into Virginia.


Some manufacturing in the Southeast is Ships, Bracelets, and Rings.


Some Agriculture is Cotton, Wheat, Strawberries.


The climate in Southeaster is humid, sunny, rainy.


Ponce de Leon-He was born on 1460 and died on 1521.

Christopher Columbus-He was born on October 31, 1451 and died on May 20, 1506.

Hernando de Soto-
Hernando de Soto is the first European explorer to have discovered the Mississippi river. During his voyages, he sailed from the western coast of Florida, far to the Tampa Bay. He sailed to the north of Alabama as well as to the southeast region.
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