Region 9 Bilingual/ESL/Migrant

December Newsletter

Happy Holidays!

We hope you've had a wonderful Fall 2019 and are ready for the holidays!
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Updates and Resources!

Please thoroughly read this issue of the newsletter for updates and resources for serving the English learners and migrant students in respective districts. If there are questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Javier De Leon at or Raquel Oxford at
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Friday January 10, 2020

9:00am-11:30am TETN Conference #798

ESC Bilingual/ESL/Title III Contacts/District Directors/Coordinators

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Parent Engagement Flyer to follow

José-Luis Orozco - Bilingual educator, children's author and recording artist

Tuesday, February 4th, 2020

Wichita Falls Public Library

Food at 5:30 pm

Program at 6:00 pm

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February 10th and 11th - TELPAS Training for New Raters

February 10 - Session # 360461 - K-1

February 11 - Session # 360462 - 2-12

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2020 TELPAS Activities and Key Dates

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TELPAS Tips for Admins and Teachers serving EL's

Now is the time to think about Spring assessment activities for EL's. Take a minute and read over the following list:

1. Have teaches review Linguistic Accomodation Checklists for students.

2. Review prior TELPAS scores.

3. Identify which teachers will serve as TELPAS raters and have them put training dates in their calendars.

4. Remind teachers to use classroom strategies that increase oral responses in a structured way across all subject areas.

5. Encourage teachers to read and familiarise themselves with the Proficiency Level Descriptors for current EL's.

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LPAC Year-at-a-Glance (Digital Copy)

Please make sure to reference the LPAC Year-at-a-Glance frequently. This will help you keep on track with LPAC responsibilities throughout the year.

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LPAC On-going Activities

  • LPAC for new enrollees within within four calendar weeks
  • Monitor linguistic and academic progress
  • On-going collaboration with special programs such as Special Education, Advance Academics-Gifted and Talented, etc. to ensure student success.
  • PEIMS up-to-date and accurate
  • On-going professional development
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Make sure you take a look at the Texas Tuesday communication for LAS Battery of Assessments updates and information. Click here for the TEXAS TUESDAY page.
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Creative ways to involve writing with English Learners during the holidays

1. Write Greeting Cards - Nothing shows love at Christmas like a basket full of Christmas cards. The holidays are often the one time of year we hear from long ago friends and distant family. Writing greeting cards also happens to be a great activity for ESL students. It is flexible and can be tailored to any proficiency level.

2. How to decorate a Christmas Tree - After your students have read and followed a set of directions for making Christmas cookies, have them write down some directions of their own on how to best decorate a Christmas tree.

Start with a discussion about what a Christmas tree looks like. Bring in some pictures for your students to look at. If you like, partner up your students with two different pictures of trees and have them discuss what is the same and what is different between each of their trees.

Then have your students write instructions on how to decorate a Christmas tree. Their directions should be at least five steps. Each step should start with one of the following words: "first," "then," "next," "after that" and "finally."

Access Key to BE/ESL/Migrant Livebinder: ESC92015

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Please make sure the district is using the most current Family Survey for student enrollment documentation and return all family surveys to Region 9 at The most current format can be downloaded by clicking the button below labeled: 2019-2020 Family Survey English/Spanish
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