Intellectual Property

What you need to know to be a Responsible Digital Citizen

What is Intellectual Property?

All digital citizens must respect COPYRIGHT. It the law of the US that protects the works of authors, artists, composers and others from being used without permission.

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Copyright Basics

Fair Use Analysis

4 Factors of Fair Use Analysis

1. What is the Purpose of the use?

2. What is the nature of the copyrighted work?

3. How much of the original work was used?

4. What is the market effect of the use?

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Practice your Digital Responsibility for all media types

The only time you may freely copy is when it is on the Public Domain. This is any creative work that is not protected by copyright and which may be freely used by everyone. The reasons that the work is not protected include:

1-The term of copyright has expired

2-the author failed to satisfy statutory formalities to perfect the copyright

3-The work is a work of the US Government


Stacy Hitchcock, April 2015


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