Sabre Scene

January 9, 2022

Principal's Message

Happy New Year,

On behalf of the SAL staff, we hope you had a restful break and were able to recharge and rejuvenate as we start 2022. The weather has been challenging, to say the least, but it looks well above seasonal averages for the upcoming week which will be embraced throughout the province.

We are very excited and looking forward to the return of in person student learning on January 10, 2022. We understand that there are many ‘what if’ questions that parents and students may have with escalating Covid numbers across the region. While the situation is fluid and ever evolving, rest assured that behind the scenes, the SAL staff have prepared for whatever scenario comes our way from our provincial authority, specifically Alberta Education and Alberta Health Services.

Right now, we are eagerly anticipating the return of our Sabres!

We are focusing on ‘controlling what we control’ and here are a few notes to help you in preparing for the upcoming week.

  • With seven days of classes left until we move into our exam schedule, we are closing our cafeteria for food delivery. As you may or may not know from your child, chicken fingers and fries is the hottest selling item in Sherwood Park! Obviously, a bit of an exaggeration but students who have solely relied on food from the cafeteria previously should be packing lunches. As always, we have food on hand for our students who forget to pack or don’t have the resources to bring lunch. Our goal is to reopen when we start semester two in February.

  • Rapid tests kits and medically graded masks - as mentioned in the communication sent to parents from the division, we have yet to receive these from the province. When delivered, stay tuned for communication on how we will get these into our Sabre’s hands.

  • Final assessment - also, as mentioned in the communication from the division, it is imperative that quality teaching and learning continues to be the focus and sound assessment is a part of quality teaching and learning. Final assessments for students will continue at the end of January. As stated Wednesday, Alberta Education has canceled January diploma examinations. Final assessments for all non-diploma courses will follow regular assessment plans that were in place previous to the announcement of diplomas being cancelled. Ultimately, we will modify these assessments to account for the three lost days of instruction to ensure these are fair to students. For 30 level courses, the final assessment will possibly consist of final unit exams, re-do/re-write of previous assessments, or a cumulative exam that would account for no more than 10 % of the final mark. Teachers at the 30 level will communicate specifics as we start this week.

These assessments are another opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding while providing the teacher another key piece of evidence. As always, professional judgement is used when determining student grades.

In closing and upon reflection, while the world has faced many challenges since this pandemic arrived, we are hopeful and optimistic about what this new year will bring as we climb our way out of this tumultuous time.

Closer to home, we are so thankful to our SAL community who have shown tremendous understanding, resilience and strength in supporting one another and working collaboratively.

All the best in 2022 and please do not hesitate to contact the school should you have any questions or concerns.

Sunny Sandhu