My Best Friend

Fausto Montes

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It’s been so long since I’ve last seen you,

Almost six years now,

I still remember it like it was yesterday,

Your barking at the sirens

and tail thumping the door.

Your life was short for the time you lived with us,

You who played all day,

When I got home you’d always greet me first,

Drop your ball at my feet,

And barked at me to throw it for you

You, who mother loved but dad not as much,

Who was so playful and excited,

You brought so much joy,

You played with us everyday

And loved us unconditionally.

One day though, you left us,

Now you, Brutus, my loyal dog

Is at peace and is no longer in pain,

You will no longer know suffering and

My mind is at rest

Taylor Swift Ft. The Civil Wars - Safe and Sound ( Lyrics )