March Newsletter

Check out what's going on at the MLC & MELC this month!

February Activities Recap

And the great activity and fun times continue! After what seemed like forever of waiting for the snow to fall, we finally had our first snowstorm of the WInter! Children at the MLC couldn't wait to jump into the fresh blanket of snow and throw snowballs at each other! Your child learned about black inventors and recreated them; making delicious carrot "chips;" was one.

Students built a gigantic igloo using white balloons and got to sit in it, created tote bags; featuring their art, and even created their stickers to personalize a water bottle. But the fun didn't stop there, we ate delicious popcorn and watched "Sing 2" at the movie theatre, and played outdoors and at different parks to celebrate the warm weather on that lovely afternoon.

Valentine's Day Event Recap

On February 12th, the MLC held its first annual Valentine’s Day Community Event! Mystic friends and family showed their love for our organization by coming out and participating in the craft workshop! Tissue paper flowers, no-sew heart pillows, and Valentine’s cards were just some of the items we created together. MLC was able to sell many chocolate lollipops, and all proceeds support programming! Thank you to all of our Mystic family for joining us for this awesome event. We appreciate your heartwarming support always!

Birthdays & Holidays!

Happy Birthday!

  • Mason: 03/03
  • Jazzy: 03/26
  • Emely: 03/28


  • Tuesday, March 1st-31st: Women's History Month
  • Tuesday, March 1st: Mardi Gras
  • Wednesday, March 2nd: Ash Wednesday
  • Wednesday, March 2nd: Dr. Suess' Birthday
  • Tuesday, March 8th: International Women's Day
  • Sunday, March 13th: Daylight Savings
  • Sunday, March 13th- Friday, April 15th: Deaf History Month
  • Monday, March 14th: National Pi Day
  • Thursday, March 17th: St. Patrick's Day
  • Sunday, March 20th: First Day of Spring!

MLC & MELC Closures

Thank you for understanding that the MLC & MELC will be closed. We appreciate your consideration during our planned closing on the following days:

  • Friday, March 25th: Closed for Staff Professional Development Day

What time is it? Activity Time!

New month, new fun activities! Every day of the week, we create lesson plans according to our daily themes:

Movement/ Mindfulness Monday: Activities to get the body moving, whether it's yoga and connecting with their minds, playing kickball, or a game of capture the flag.

STEAM Tuesday & Thursday: Science, math, technology, arts and crafts, oh my! These activities focus on creativity and building.

Service Learning Wednesday: Activities focused on giving back to our community, whether it's making a card for the elderly or picking up trash in our neighborhood!

Fun Friday: Activities based on all things fun! The activities range from cooking and baking to playing at the park.

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Celebrating Women's History

Women’s History Month; Who is, who was series is a creative approach to teach students about the influential women who impacted our world through their words, strength, political positions, inventions, art, and more.

Women’s History Month; Who is, who was series is a creative approach to teach students about the influential women who impacted our world through their words, strength, political positions, inventions, art, and more. Students will recreate inventions with food or an arts and crafts project, play trivia games such as Kahoot, and more!

School Early Release Days

The MLC & MELC will be open as early as 12:00 pm.

  • Somerville Public Schools: Wednesday 03/02, 03/23
  • Prospect Hill Academy: Wednesday 03/02, 03/23
  • Medford Public Schools: Wednesday 03/02, 03/09, 03/16, 03/23, 03/30
  • Stoneham Public Schools: Wednesday 03/09, Thursday 03/10

School Closings

  • Prospect Hill Academy will be closed on; Monday, March 14th. The MLC/MELC will open as early as noon for PHA students.

March Meetings

Our Parent Meeting will be on Monday, March 14th from 6:00-7:30 pm. in the community room.

  • Meetings are on the second Monday of the month unless stated otherwise.
  • Parents are responsible for picking up their children at 5:30 pm, eating family dinner together in the community room, and signing them back in for childcare during the meeting.

Family Events & Fundraising (FEF) Committee Monthly meeting will be on Monday, March 21st, from 6:00- 7:30 pm at the Mystic Learning Center.

  • FEF meetings are on the third Monday of every other month.

Upcoming Community Events

MLC Bench Art Project - Still Some Spots Left! Starts Tuesday March 15th

Starting the second week of March, The Mystic Learning Center and Mudflat Studios; are working together on a joint project. Fifteen pre-teens and teens will be selected, from their application, to be part of a special team to work together to come up with a design for a public bench. This team will work with a teaching artist for multiple weeks to brainstorm what to create. Then, they will work together to create the clay tiles; that will become the mural for the public bench.

Check out the link below to learn more about the project and register. It's an opportunity you don't want to miss! Get your application in ASAP! Click the Link Below!

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Mystic Family Game Night! Coming March 18!

The Mystic Learning Center’s commitment to community and family-related efforts is exemplified through certain events we hold. The family game night is time allotted on Friday night to play/teach board games, partake in recreational activities, and for families to all break bread together in a fun, safe, and engaging environment. On Friday, March 18th, Mystic Learning will hold a game night where everyone in the community is welcome to partake.


  1. Ran by Bridget and Kevin from 6:30-8 PM
  2. Dinner (pizza/salad)
  3. Board Games: Chess, Checkers, Sorry, Monopoly, Twister, and more
  4. Saint Patrick’s Themed (think GREEN!)
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"Mystic Matters Mondays" Coming this Month!

We are starting a new community program for our Mystic Learning Center Families and the surrounding community. The new program is called "Mystic Matters Mondays". We know that everyone in the Mystic Community Matters and will be giving you a new opportunity to focus on your health. We know that when you treat yourself well it has a direct impact on how you treat others and this extends to the larger community. It is truly amazing how investing in time dedicated to you becomes an investment in everyone you care about. Give back to your loved ones, friends, and community by taking care of YOU!

Mystic Matters Monday programming will start in March to get us out of our winter shell and get some spring in our step, as we officially welcome spring this month! We will start with some introductory cardio & easy strength indoors on Monday, March 21st from 5:45 pm - 6:30 pm. Check back here to see the exact location at 530 Mystic Avenue.

Our assistant director, Nichole Bukowski, will be teaching these fun indoor movement classes. You can bring your kiddos and they can color or participate. This will be family friendly :)

If you have any questions please reach out to Nichole:


Cell: 617-939-5737

May 18th Save the Date! Spring For Children Fundraiser is Back!

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Somerville's Child Care Access & Affordability Program - Apply By March 11th

Share with those looking for care for children between the ages of 15 months to 4 years old.

Somerville is currently accepting applications for the new Child Care Access and Affordability Program. It provides financial assistance toward full-day preschool and childcare.

To qualify children must be between 15 months and 4 years old by August 31, 2022. Families must also meet income eligibility requirements.

- Applications due March 11.
- Need help? Reach out to the Mystic Learning Center or the city at (617) 625-6600, ext. 2346, or at

Join Our Pre-Teen Choice Club Today!

Join our free evening program for youth on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at the Mystic Learning Center. It's a great opportunity to get involved in fun activities and meet new friends!
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Learn how to join the Mystic Learning Centers today!

Click below to learn all of the information about our programs! We're licensed; by Massachusetts to provide child care for youth between the ages of 2.9 - 13 years old. Youth with special needs can attend up to age 16. We are currently enrolling, and open spots are filling very quickly!

Somerville Residents Give Your Input!

Sharing an opportunity that Somerville is providing for residents to give input.

The City will receive a total of $77.5 million in ARPA funding to support ongoing COVID-19 recovery efforts. Participating in this survey is the next step in ensuring residents’ voices are heard when determining how to use these funds equitably and in a way that addresses community needs.

Somerville has already devoted ARPA dollars to programs prioritized by its residents such as child care, rental assistance, a Universal Basic Income pilot project.

Resources for Families

The Human Service Division of the City of Somerville Department of Health and Human Services is now available to take online referrals for services through a new online contact form. Referrals may be completed by individuals directly seeking services, parents or guardians, service providers, or community partners.

The services provided are available at no cost to Somerville residents of all ages and include:

  • Supportive counseling for individuals and families
  • Briefcase management
  • Service coordination for individuals and families
  • Information and Referral to services
  • Including mental health services, utility and benefits assistance, workforce development, housing support, youth services, financial literacy, legal assistance, survivor services, literacy, and language development, public health services, substance misuse services for youth.
  • School consultation, support, and advocacy

Policy & Reminders

  • Text Nichole, Nita, and Tracey by 11:00 a.m. if your child will not be attending the Mystic that day. We need to let our staff, who do school pick-ups know when they are not picking up your child. Thank You!
  • The MLC and MELC close at 5:30 p.m. If you're running late, please give us a call.
  • Only persons listed on your child's pick-up list will be allowed to sign them out. If you'd like to add more people to the pick-up list, contact us in writing.
  • Between the hours of 3:20 and 5:00 p.m., students will have their phones stored away in their backpacks until the end of choice time. You can call the main Mystic number or contact Nichole or Nita if you need to reach your child(ren).

Mystic Learning Center Inc.

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