Born Two Be Wild

Keep wild animals and die

What Born 2 Be wild is trying to do favor for you and that exotic animal that's in your backyard

In this brochure we will give you reason not to keep an exotic animal in your back yard.

Real life

Kelly Ann Walz, who lives in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania was cleaning her black bears cage that she had for nine years that attacked her and killed her on October 5, 2009.

Wild animals might look cute but they are born to hunt. Like a woman's Bengal tiger that pulled her nephew under the fence and mauled him.

Also about the story when a Tiger slipped out of a cage door and mauled a woman.

Dangers for Animals

  • Even though you may feel happy because you got the coolest pet on the block. This could be causing the animal great harm because animals don't like being in small cages born to be free in the wild where they can go anywhere they want.

  • Then you can't give the animal the care that it needs to survive because you aren't always going to be there to take care of it.
  • Then when people can't take care of the animals anymore the people turn to zoo's and there isn't enough zoo's for all these wild animals when people can't take care of them anymore.

Dangers for People

At any time your exotic could attack because they look all cute and fuzzy. They are wild animals!!!!!!!!! They don't care if you have been taking care of them from since they were born. They have kill to survive don't you see that they learn how to hunt when they are little so you are just another piece of fresh kill to them.

Plus then the animal could have a disease that could be deadly. That could be very deadly to humans.

What legal and Illegal

  1. Every state has it own laws about what kind of animals you can have.
  2. Some states have that you don't need a license to obtain but may regulate some aspects like (i.e. entry permit, veterinary certificate, etc.)

What's the impact on the environment

When people take wild animals from their habitats it means that there are less of this kind of animal so that means another animal can be more populated.

Also it can destroy that ecosystem so that means other animals can't live there and then they got to go find a new home.

What do the numbers say

Stated by Joshua Hedlund from the Postliberian "Exotic animals kill an average of 3.25 people per year in our country of 300,000,000 people, while “traffic accidents kill about 125 people per day.”

What do the Experts say

Jeannie Lord with the Pine View Wildlife Rehabilitation and education Center said,"

Many of these wild animals have very specific climate and dietary needs that are too difficult for people to maintain. For example, Lilly the turtle was not properly taken care of, and now she is suffering the consequences and being rehabilitated at the center. The plaster on the bottom part of the shell was filled with cancer, pocket holes of what we call shell rot,” Lord said."

Born to Be wild

We try to keep animals wild that are suppose to be wild