Al Capone Shines My Shoes

By: Gennifer Choldenko Pages:258 Report By: Joshua Oh

"What do you do when your neighbors are a bunch of hit men, con men, and mad dog murderers?"

Well, if you're Moose Flanagan, you ask the most notorious convict of all, Al Capone, for help. In this book, meet Moose and Natalie, son and daughter of a prison guard on Acatraz and see their friends run around Alcatraz at year 1935 making more friends and enemies. In this story, Moose asks the dangerous hit man Al Capone to get Natalie into a school for autistic children. After getting Natalie into the school, Capone leaves a note in their laundry saying "Your Turn." Moose also risks his friendship with his friend, Jimmy, the 9 year old geek, when baseball fanatic Scout comes to Alcatraz from the city. If the line between good and bad is much clearer than Moose realizes, and if he dosen't figure it out soon, Moose could be in a world of trouble. If you want to know what happens, then you should read this book!

The Theme

The theme of this book is that although the person may not be very significant, he or she can really do something to help out or solve the conflict. There might be someone who was in your project group. He or she may look like they can't do anything, but they might help out alot! There might of been a conflict in your family or with your friends, some one unexpected might help out or solve the issue. You might of lost something somewhere, even the youngest kid could help you. This theme can happen in your life sometime too!