EAT Club

We'll bring the lunch, you bring the break.

6 inches.

That's how close the nearest restaurant is to your desk (depending on your computer mouse). Whether you're craving a tikka masala burrito, a cranberry salmon salad, or a simple Quiznos sub, EAT Club is here to bring it to you. We're a web-based lunch delivery service that wants you to look forward to your lunch break more than your next vacation. Stop packing soggy leftovers, eating from vending machines, or going to the same old deli. Let us bring you lunch.

There are some things we don't believe in.

To name a few:

  1. Order minimums: You shouldn't have to wrangle up your coworkers just to be able to meet some delivery minimum.
  2. Annoying extra fees: When your $7 burrito comes to a total of $24, something has gone terribly wrong. We pay all the fees & tips so you don't have to.
  3. Settling to satisfy the group: Whether you eat vegan, gluten-free, low-carb, high-protein, vegetarian, or spicy as heck, you should eat what you want for lunch. And it shouldn't be a hassle for you or anyone around you.
  4. There are more: but we said we'd only name a few.

What we do believe in:

Hungry? Register for free and pick out your lunch.

Now serving offices between South San Francisco and North San Jose. Want EAT Club in your area? Let us know!