The Wrong Message

Be The Change For Disability Awareness

Reinforced Stereotypes

The purpose of this flyer is to summarize the article presented from Ragged Edge Online titled Awareness Days. When people put themselves in the shoes of a disabled person they develop negative stereotypes about those with a disability. By having awareness days that require people to experience a so called disability only strengthens those negative stereotypes. Due to the fact that simulations are not a permanent disability it provides a false sense of what life is like with a disability as well as develops false beliefs about how it feels living with a disability. It is up to the way in which we educate and strengthen awareness that will further the cause of disability awareness, but have disability simulations is not the way to do it.

Right Intentions, Wrong Methods

Although disability awareness simulations are done with good intentions they tend to lead to negative consequences. This is unfortunate because people are trying to do what is right and spread awareness. They are trying to spread awareness however to show that disabled doesn't mean unable, being disabled is just another way of life in this diverse world and it shouldn't stand as a hindering vice on who people truly are. To accomplish the goals of creating awareness and spreading positive aspects of disabled people it is time to rid the use of disability simulations.