All Time All Star Weekly Update

From Room 29

Greetings friends,

Oh what fun it is in the chilly weather! It was wonderful to see the sunshine today at recess. The kiddos stayed warm by running around playing all different types of games and activities.
This week is our last before Thanksgiving break (November 22-30) and the first week of our third six weeks.
Tomorrow is St. Andrew's Day! We will dress in dress day attire and visit the upper school via bus for a song and celebration service, followed by lunch on the green. There is no need to pack lunches; St. Andrew's provides lunch tomorrow. When we return to our 31st Street campus, we will meet with The Compost Peddler and learn about composting in our community. The children will be dismissed at 2:00 tomorrow from the lower school.


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En Espanol

Hola amigas,

We have 3rd grade Las Posadas planned for Wednesday, Dec. 17 (b day) from 9:30-10. I'm writing to confirm that that time works for your grade. Also, we will not hold our regular Spanish class on that date.

Our studies this week

The mathematicians really dug in to regrouping today! We practiced regrouping in the ones and tens position with manipulatives to really practice what "carrying" means... The kids really dug in! Then we practiced on paper, and they were really having fun working their problems. We will continue addition with regrouping through the thousands place this week. Math practice will come home on Wednesday. As always, keep plugging away on Dreambox..the more one uses it, the more aligned it becomes!
All Time Writers are working with a writing buddy to find ways to make our seed moments even more wonderful. The writers have been practicing different story openers, different ways of retelling, and writing in a storyteller's voice (using our senses, the weather, inner thoughts, and quotes) set the mood and reveal the heart of our stories. In addition to these edits, we are making adjustments to make sure our stories makes sense and flows in a logical sequence.
We are wrapping up our work as Native American expert groups in SS. The children chose their expert group based on information of which they wanted to learn more. Once these expert group informational pieces are complete, that group will teach the rest of us what they have learned. Each group will have an opportunity to be a teacher and a student.
We will then move into our science unit on the Rain Forest.
We have begun our Vocabulary Unit 4. The children can practice their words and meanings on the vocabulary website as they wish! We will be working in class, and vocabulary study will come home after break.
Our readers are demonstrating some quality, interactive reading! They seem to be making good choices about what text is just right for them, and they are excited about their reading. With their just right book, students carry it from home to school and back again. (Readers should complete a text if it's the right choice and of interest. If they abandon a book, I've asked them to note that on their Reading Log.) Readers should use their Reader's Kit each night when they read. Readers should note their time and pages of reading, as well as write a response to their reading each afternoon/night at home. Weekend and vacation reading is strongly encouraged. Our goal is to build a reading life, and that takes daily practice! :) Additionally, reading to and with your third grader is a wonderful way for them to read and discuss books that may be just a little out of their individual just right book choice. Daily reading with a parent, grandparent, etc.. strengthens your kiddos reading life. Readers continue to grow so much when sharing a book: pondering, sharing, predicting, noticing, listening, reading aloud, and discussing, to name a few. Keep up the good work!

Have a beautiful week and joyful Thanksgiving break,