Take on terrorism

3 Ideas on Terrorism

1. "ISIS came to power through a civil war in Syria that President Obama had decided to keep out of; as for renewing the American war in Iraq, whose conclusion he regards as one of his main achievements, nothing could be less appealing".

2. "It's a state and not a group, an ISIS press officer named Abu Mosa explained to a documentary filmmaker from Vice News. "We aim to build an Islamic state to cover every aspect of life"--a totalitarian project, but, perhaps, a localized one (The common enemy)".

3. "Terrorism is the use of violence or threats of violence by individuals or groups against civilians or property. Terrorists seek to create terror as a way of achieving political ends. Terrorist activities include assassinations, bombings, hijackings, and kidnappings (Terrorism)".

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1 Reason why it's a problem

"129 people have died in the aftermath of a string of terror attacks in Paris, while 99 out of 352 injured are in a critical condition, Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins stated during a news briefing following a string of terror attacks in France's capital (All countries must combat...)". Let me explain why this is a reason. It's a reason because terrorist groups are killing innocent people not just in Paris, but around the world.
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1 reason how to solve the problem of terrorism

1. “The most effective approach recognises that allies are usually the key to successful counter-terrorism efforts. With allied help, terrorists can be contained and, in the long term, their many divisions will rise to the fore (US Counter-terrorism...)”


My source comes from an Online Database that the high school gives us. All of my sources have an author and a date and every one of them already has an MLA format at the bottom.