We need to stop child abuse now!!

By: Meagan Wilson

Child Abuse

Child abuse is a very serious problem in this world today. Many children suffer and often keep things to themselves for a long period of time. Child abuse is a crime and the abuser can go to jail for years because of it. People who abuse children sometimes have problems of their own.

What is Child Abuse?

Child abuse is when some one is cruel towards a child. It can include, physical abuse, mental abuse, being neglectful, or sexual abuse. Different signs of child abuse are when a child stays in his or her room often, the child is afraid to go home, and is afraid to tell anyone about it. Sometimes adults abuse children because they used to get abused themselves. They have poor parenting skills. They sometimes have financial problems and often have drug abuse problems. If a child is being abused they can tell someone or go to a guidance counselor. In order to stop child abuse, the abuser needs to get help at a treatment center. If a child tells about the abuse, the child should be believed and taken out of the abusive situation. The police would need to be notification.

Please Stop Child Abuse!!

Children have the right to be safe. Child abuse is wrong and should be reported immediately if suspected. We all should take steps to stop child abuse. Children are important and should feel protected at all times. Let's do all we can to to stop child abuse.