Drugs and Alcohol

Antonia Patino


Alcohol- is a recreational drug. It is a drug that slows down your brain and affects the way we feel, think, and behave. Some people drink to temporarily forget their problems. Drinking alcohol can cause you more problems than what you already have.

negative consequences

  • slows down the central nervous system
  • slower reflexes and reactions
  • vomiting
  • lack of coordination
  • hangovers
  • blackouts and respiratory failure
  • alcohol poisoning
  • death
  • liver damage
  • stroke
  • addiction/alcoholism


Drugs- Any chemical substance, natural or human made, that changes normal body functions in some way. People do drugs because of boredom, to forget their problems, or because of peer pressure.

negative consequences

  • doing poorly in school
  • fighting and stealing
  • doing illegal things
  • bad memory
  • wild mood swings
  • depression and anxiety
  • violence and hallucinations
  • heart attack and seizures
  • respiratory problems like lung cancer
  • kidney and liver damage
  • death