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September 25, 2015

What's Coming up

What's Coming up

Sept. 30 TAC Day

Oct. 8 Midterms go home- change from Friday Folder

Oct. 9 Institute Day- No School

Oct. 12 Columbus Day- No School

Oct. 26 Challenger Space Center Field Trip

Nov. 23-24 Conferences


Story: Island of the Blue Dolphins
Genre: Fiction

Paired Selection: Seven Survival Questions

Genre: How-To Text

Comprehension skills: Theme and setting

Grammar: Independent and Dependent Clauses

Writing: Invitation

Affix: e-/ex-

PBIS Cool Tool: Be Respectful

Dear Martin families,

On Friday, September 25th, every class discussed the expectation of “Be Respectful”. This lesson focused on getting along with others and why getting along with others, and being respectful of others, is an important skill in life. Please have a quick talk with your child about how you work well with others in your day-to-day life. We are Martin!

Thanks Team,

PBIS Tier 1 Team

Art with Alyssa and Lindsey

This year is our last year for Art to Remember! Our teacher Mrs.Adams is letting us pick what we're doing. All of the profits go to our school. This year we are not allowed to use colored pencils because people color with them to lightly, and they color copy bad. When we are not allowed to talk we get the privilege to listen to music. If it gets to loud she will turn the music off for the rest of class. We still don't get to talk. Mrs.Adams is not new, she has been working in the district for 14 years. That is it for art this week. This is Lindsey and Alyssa, we are OUT!

Music By; Hannah and Maha

In music we have recently completed The Presidents Song, which is on Haiku if you would like to practice. We have also done Peanut Butter Pie which is a rhythm game that uses drums, xylophones, and dancers. We are now learning about The Beatles and watching Powerpoints and videos.

PE By: Mark R. and Eric

The second week of school we started football. The first week of football we did drills about throwing, catching, punting, and plays. The second week of football the games of ultimate football have begun. Once football was done we did soccer. During soccer we did drills. Some of the soccer drills we did, helped us with our soccer skills. After soccer we will be doing fitness testing

Amber, Carlson, and Mark S Chromebook tips/tricks


ctrl t=new tab.

ctrl n= new window.

ctrl f= find something on the page.

(very important) ctrl shift t.

Games (just for HOME fun)


Little alchemy

pokemon light platinum


2048 list

Funschool Games - Zoodles