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Happy New Year !

Welcome to the new decade! It has been a great week back for all of our lions Everyone seems to be a little tired, but I'm sure once everyone gets back into the routine we will back to our usual high energy in the building. Thank you for starting off the new year with routines to get students to school on time and after a good night sleep. Your support at home pays off with us at school. January is a time when we finish our mid year achievement assessments. We are anticipating seeing some great growth from our students. Our students worked really hard over the past semester and we are looking forward to seeing the fruits of their labor. Teachers will be analyzing the data and will include student achievement on these assessments in thier discussion with parents at our February conference date. We hope all of you will arrange a time with your child's teacher(s) the week of February 3rd, to get updates on progress and next steps to support your child's continued growth. Be on the look out for a way to sign up and schedule your time to talk to your child's teacher.

Math Carnival Night At Lincoln

Mark Your Calendars! January 23rd, at 6:00 we will be opening our doors for an hour of family engagement with some great math games for all grade levels. Save the Date and look for more information coming soon! We hope to see you all there! You don't want to miss this!

Grade Level Updates



We just started a new unit “Changes All Around Me”. In this unit, we will learn about winter weather and it’s effects. We are continuing to write personal narratives in our draft books. We are focusing on lengthening the writing, listening for beginning and ending sounds in each word, and correctly spelling sight words. Please continue to read each night and sign the reading log. Our goal this month is 18 days. Students who meet or exceed the goal will get to attend a special celebration.


We are working on story problems in math within 10. We are also working on identifying and counting sets of teen numbers. Students need to be familiar with numbers up to 20. We are working on counting to 75 and skip counting by 5s and 10s. Please continue to work with your child on identifying and knowing the value of coins.

First Grade

First graders will be learning the power of persuasion. We will compare and contrast texts, characters, events, and make connections between texts. Students will write an opinion piece using text evidence to support their decision to agree or disagree. Again, we will use a graphic organizer to help us plan our writing.

For phonics, we are focusing on long vowels spelled with digraphs variations. Our language focus will be verbs; however, we will continue to review nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and articles.

In math, students will understand, represent, and solve problems involving addition and subtraction. We will understand equivalence and place value. This unit has several math games for homework practice. Students need to practice reading analog clocks to the hour and half hour.

Second Grade

Please use link below.

Third Grade

ELA/Social Studies

We will be starting an exciting new unit on Disasters this term ~ we will be reading about the Boston Molasses Flood, The Pishtigo Fire, and other interesting events. We will spend time reading and writing from these articles as we continue to discuss the importance of citing text evidence in our responses.

We will also continue working with different letter and sound patterns, helping to support better spelling. Remember, we do not have traditional spelling test but instead practice using these patterns throughout our writing.

Don't forget to log your reading each night! Ms. Sheppard has lined up some fun rewards for those students who read, log, and return their monthly charts.


During the month of January, we are focusing on cube patterns, arrays, and multiples of 10. Within this month, students will be working toward understanding the meaning and structure between multiplication and division and the relationship between them. Students will be solving multiplication and division problems, including multi-step problems and problems with multiple solutions. Students will also make sense of multiplying multiples of 10 by one-digit numbers.


For science this month, students will learn about matter and its interactions. Students will be able to describe the properties of solids, liquids, and gasses and identify that matter is made up of particles too small to be seen and compare physical properties of matter. Students will look at changes caused by heating or cooling that can and cannot be reversed.

January PTO Meeting

We will see you all on the 21st of January at 5:30, for our January meeting. We will have several things to discuss, including our new Playground Committee which will be starting the process to fund raise for a new playground. Your help is needed more than ever! Please come to PTA this month and find out how you can contribute in supporting the best school in town.

Nutrition Notes for January

Attached below is the Kingsport City Schools "Nutrition Nuggets", a great resources for support with healthy eating and fitness for your child.

Your Help in Keeping Everyone Healthy

This information was included in last month's article but with flu season in full swing it is worth repeating. We love your children, we do not love the illnesses that they may have that get others sick. If you child has a fever, they cannot go to school. They must be 24 hours fever free without medication. Please do not give your child Tylenol/Advil knowing that they have a fever and send them to school. This is the same for vomit. If you child has thrown up, they must be 24 hours--not the next morning--vomit free. The flu, strep, and stomach bug (all things that we have in the building right now) are not to be taken lightly and we need your commitment to keep your child home when they are contagious and not well. We know that it is difficult when you, the parent, have to miss work. As a working parent myself (this is Mrs. Zahner typing), I understand how difficult it might be to miss several days of work because my child is sick. However, for the protection of others, please keep your child home until they are well.

We are encouraging more frequent hand washing of all students and our custodians are wiping down all handrails, desks, and doorknobs with disinfectant nightly. Together we can keep the sickness to as much of a minimum as we can in a building with close to 450 people in it on a daily basis. If you have questions regarding your child's ability to come to school you can always call the nurse, Nurse Brandy, or come with your child between 7:45 and 8:15 in the morning to her office. She can do an assessment of your child and make a decision if they are able to stay at school. Our goal is always to have students in school, but we truly don't want them here if they are sick and contagious.

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