Roman World

By: Shannon Trantina

Highlight of the Day!

New Building Project!

New building project had been announced to the city. A new aqueduct is being built. For anyone who does not know what an aqueduct is, it's a raised channel used to carry water from mountains into cities. Roman builders will start the project tomorrow, Monday, and they will work every day until the project is done. Any volunteers are welcome to help.
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Outdoors Today!

The Rhine RIver

Today's outdoor topic is the Rhine RIver. We have a letter from explorer Richard DInk describing the beautiful water.

" The water is beautiful and majestic. Everyone who just needs a break and wants to relax should go visit it. It is safe for anyone, including kids, to swim in and just take a rest. The waters give you very calm feeling. For kids that love the water, you can play any games. You can skip rocks, or just run in it and feel the goodness. Everyone should visit the river at least once!"

Thank you to Richard DInk we hope to be hearing more!

The Big Accomplishment...

Roads. How in the world are roads accomplishments? Well, roman roads are important to the economy and military. The economy uses it for easier trade instead of going over rough and bare mountains. It helps the military by transportation of not only the fighters but the animals that are used to travel. Roads help give the animals a flat surface so that their legs don't get worn out so fast.
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Government News!

An Interview with Titus!

I, Shannon Trantina, met with the great emperor TItus and I got the chance to interview him for this article. I was amazed with his answers and I hope you will be too. Enjoy :)

BTW: T= Titus S= Shannon

S- Hello Titus! How are you today?

T- You know, I am doing just fine today.

S- Ok, let's get started with the questions. Tell us about your family and your life growing up.

T- Well, I am the oldest son of my father of whom all should know Vespasian, the former emperor before me. Then there is my brother Domitian.

S- Awesome, so I hear this is your one year of being emperor. Congratulations on that but, what new things are you planning to do this year?

T- Thank you very much. I will not tell you my plans but I will tell you my goals. I have a goal to totally complete the Colosseum.

S- That's amazing. That's all for today, talk to you later!

T- Ok. Thanks for the interview.

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Plebeians Plead Their Case!

I, Meva Pamy, am a Plebeian and here is my opinion on the Patrician/ Plebeian case.

To my fellow Plebeians, I agree we need more power because the Patricians are getting too powerful and making us miserable.

To the Patricians, first of all good job on some of it, but you are making some of us miserable. Give us power on some of our things for example; land. We need some land that we can take care of for ourselves, not you. Just think about it.


Meva Pamy

Attention: Assembly Voters!!!!!

Chad Steven is running for a position in the assembly. He will pass the good laws and reject the bad. Vote Chad Steven!

Obituary: Julius Caesar

Sadly, the most powerful general of the Roman Empire passed away a few days ago. He lived from 100 BC to 44 BC and is famous for being one of the top generals. All romans very well knew him and admired him for his bravery in skill in the arts of war. His own soldiers loved him for treating them well. Caesar's military success made him a key figure to Roman politics. Caesar was not only known for being a great leader/ general but he was also known for his talent in speaking. He had many followers after he gave great speeches in the city.

Caesar as well had powerful friends. Before setting off into battle again he made an alliance with two of Rome's most important people which was; the three of them would rule Rome together. The agreement lasted for years but after Caesar became so popular for all of his fantastic works, many people became jealous, even his friends. One of the friends left and it was down to Pompey and Caesar. They became at war for a long time. Caesar's forces defeated Pompey and Pompey was killed. Caesar then declared himself, dictator for life. From that moment on, the death of Caesar was planned. On March 15,44 BC, Caesar was assassinated by his own senators to make a statement. Everyone shall remember Caesar, so long live the spirit of Julius Caesar.

Save the Date

Tuesday, April 12th, 6am


We are going to Spain. This is a getaway trip for anyone who wants to join in. There are only 100 spots so sign up wherever you see a bulletin. Its $20 to come. It's just a trip to have fun and relax. Join in before the spots are taken!!!


Christianity Letter by Martha Padam

Dear Editor,

I am Martha Padam and I am going to fight for the right to practice the Christian religion. Christianity is so great and it connects us with our one God that we all believe in. If you don't pass the law that Christianity can be practiced and can be a stable religion, you will be prosecuting many people because every day more and more people convert to Christianity. The more people you kill the weaker your empire gets and the easier people will take over. Give us a chance to prove to all that we can carry on a religion without messing with everyone else.


Martha Padam

Barbarians Newest Threats.

The Anglo- Saxons are beginning to be a bigger and bigger threat each day. From invading around the borders of the Roman Empire to making threats to the Roman Empire. Everyone needs to be on call alert from now on for a while. More news to be posted.
Editor and Producer of Roman World: Shannon Trantina