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Psychology is the Science of Mental Life:)

What type of education is needed to become a psychologist?

Before becoming a psychologist, you must know that obtaining this career requires a lot of time an extensive amount of schooling and training that will be well worth it in the end.

In Texas, the minimal requirement for becoming a psychologist is getting into a four year college and earning a Bachelor’s Master's degree in Psychology. Then, in order to become licensed, you must earn a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology; the options for degrees at this point are either a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) or a Doctor of Psychology (Psy. D). A Ph.D focuses on the scientific models, research, and experiments of psychology, and allows you to teach at a college level or work as a clinical or counseling psychologist. A Psy.D puts more emphasis on the practice and clinical work of psychology. With a Psy.D, you can work as a mental clinician or you also have the option work in private practice. Obtaining one of these Doctrines will give you more opportunities in this field.

While you are working to get these degrees, you are also gaining experience through classes, trainings, conferences, medical school, lab experiments, and research. You are also required to have a two year internship with a more experienced psychologist along with working in a school setting.

The road to becoming your own boss as a clinical psychologist can take up to eight years of schooling alone, and an additional number of years post-college in order to get licensed and certified. In the end, all the hard work pays off because you will be able to help those around you to have a better understanding of the gears turning in our heads.

How much do psychologist make in a year?

A degree in psychology can give you many options for rewarding careers. However, there are many factors that contribute to how much money you can make including the level of education, years of experience, and the setting in which you work.

Psychologist can earn anywhere from 40,000 to 89,000 a year; some more experienced professionals earn enough money to get a new car every year! Clinical psychologist make up one of the largest specialty areas within psychology itself, according to a survey done by the American Psychological Association, the average licensed clinical psychologists can make about $87,000 in a year.Another option would be to become a Dr.Phil, whom makes about $80 million a year; however, his job is completely lucrative, so that’s out of the picture.

What is psychology?

Intro to Psychology - Crash Course Psychology #1

What are the responsibilities of a Clinical Psychologist?

According to popular crime television shows and movies, psychologist are mind readers that use their understanding of the human brain to predict a criminal’s next move, now, while this stereotype is partly true, there is a much deeper understanding to this career than just that.

The responsibility of psychologist is the scientific study of the human mind’s thoughts emotions and behaviors.

Clinical psychologist work to compute how mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders such as learning disabilities, depression, and schizophrenia affect the mind. They determine an appropriate treatment for the specific needs of a patient; however, rather than prescribing a medicine, psychologist approach problems in a different way. That is, they research and utilize many different methods and techniques according to their specialty, in order to try to work with the patient's unique mind. Three of these techniques include: A Psychodynamic Approach, which psychologist use to study the patient's unconscious motivations, A Cognitive Behavioral Perspective that is used to notice change in a person’s behaviors and thoughts due to distress, and a Humanistic Perspective which has to do with self-actualization and the clients realizing their full potential using the hierarchy of needs.

Psychologist are starting to become very needed this day in age, and a large part of the responsibilities of a psychologist’s job involves talking to people and fostering positive mental health and personal growth.

Where should a psychologist live?

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Since psychology is such a universal career, you could easily find many places to work and thrive; however, working in a bigger cities usually offers more job opportunities and payment than rural areas.

Places like California that are very multicultural have a dire need for psychologist, not only because there is so much cultural and social pressure, but also because there is constantly new immigrants coming in that may need psychological support to adjust to the new intimidating environment. As the state continues to grow, there will be a bigger demand for psychology careers.

In logic, psychologist are needed anywhere that there is living people. The minds of people are constantly changing, and psychologists are the ones to explain, research and help the world understand why and how. As the population in cities and the world itself begins to increase, the need for psychologists will grow along with it.
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