Fringed Campion

An Endangered Species Native to Georgia

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About the Fringed Campion:

Common Name: Fringed Campion

Scientific Name: Silene Polypetala

The Fringed Campion is a native to Georgia.

The Fringed Campion has been tied to Macon, Georgia for years.

Fringed Campions are known to be found in hardwood forests (usually in Georgia) on slopes and stream terraces.

The Fringed Campion is perennial (meaning that it is known to live longer than many other plants).

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Areas like these house Fringed Campion.


Clearcutting for residential development and logging are the main cause for the loss of the Fringed Campion.

Also the Fringed Campion is threatened by the spread of the exotic specie the Japanese honeysuckle.

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The above picture is that of the Japanese Honeysuckle.


  • Under current Georgia Legislation it is illegal to disturb the Fringed Campion.
  • Also information has been spread around Georgia (and other countries that have Fringed Campions) on how we can prevent the destruction of the Fringed Campion.
  • The information is as follows:
  • Keep the forest canopies intact
  • Remove invasive plants (plants like the Japanese Honeysuckle) by hand-clearing;
  • avoid fire, raking, and other disturbance to soil and leaf litter.

Quentin Moore AP Environmental Science