Climate Change Around The World

What Can We Do?

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What's Happening?

Climate Change is ending life as we know it. Longer heat waves are causing the seasons to shift. Glaciers are melting and ice on rivers is breaking up sooner, causing polar animals to suffer as it destroys their habitats. The shifting seasons are also causing trees to flower and produce seeds sooner. The climate is slowly heating up. If it continues to heat up at the rate that it is, one day winter might be a thing of the past.

The Source Of The Problem

Increasing greenhouse gasses have the temperature on the rise. Greenhouse gasses are increasing due to large amounts of carbon dioxide let off by burning fossil fuels. This presents an issue because carbon dioxide can stay in Earths atmosphere for around a century. We as humans need oxygen to survive and too much carbon dioxide isn't good for us. If we keep on producing as much of it as we are now, future generations of people may be effected. We need to change the way we do things now, before it's too late!

Future Effects

How will rising temperatures effect our daily lives? Rising temperatures will effect different regions differently. For some the change will be amazing and for others it will be a natural disaster. It will also effect human health causing some plants such as poison ivy and other plants that release allergens to release more potent allergens. More and more people are born each day with allergies to different things. If the plants start to produce more potent allergens think of what would happen to humans.

Can We Stop It?

How can you prepare for Global Warming? One way you could prepare would be to make choices that reduce greenhouse gas production such as walking or biking places. You can also prepare for changes that are already underway. There are a few ways you can prepare already. One would be to conserve gas and other fuels that are pumped from underground that when they are burned they pollute the air. Another way would be to not buy every little thing that you want. Then factories wouldn't have to make as many, so not as much pollution would get into the air.