Kindergarten News

November 2015

Curriculum Update

In Reading...

We started our Unit on reading Emergent Storybooks. The children have learned there are different ways to read a book. They will learn about using character voices, reading like a storyteller and acting out the stories. They are establishing routines during Reading Workshop that help them sustain their reading minutes. They have learned to choose emergent storybooks, informational books (non-fiction), and class favorites. We will be selecting leveled books for them to put in their book boxes for a few weeks, then they will begin choosing their own "Just Right" books at the end of the month.

In Writing...

We continue to focus on recording stories from our lives or narrative writing. We are learning how to plan our stories, sketch them on paper, label our pictures and are moving into writing words to match. At this age, children use sound spelling to record words. This is when they say the word they are spelling out loud, write the sound they hear, say the word again and continue adding more sounds. We will also be working on paying attention to detail as we observe and sketch objects. We will then write more detailed labels to our drawings.

In Math...

We are working on building number sense. This includes helping children identify numbers, counting out loud, counting objects, connecting numbers, breaking numbers apart and building them again. The children view themselves as Mathematicians! They are learning that mistakes are a necessary part of learning and that their thinking may change as they explore different activities.

November Word Wall Words

We are introducing the following word wall words during the month of November.

Please practice them at home with your child.

the, I, to, a, is, my, go, me, no, am

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The students are ready to write their Mission Statements for their Kindergarten Year. We've written our class mission statement to guide us and keep us focused on our goals as a classroom. Now we are ready to focus on what we want to accomplish individually. Please help your child with this task by reading the questions on the mission statement form and writing down your child's responses. Then work with your child to summarize their answers in to a short statement that represents their goals for the year. We will have your child's Mission Statement displayed above their locker by the end of the month. Thanks for your help!

Thanksgiving in Kindergarten

Our Feast

We will explore information about how Thanksgiving first came to be! We will use thinking routines such as Think, Puzzle, Explore to dive deeper into questions we have and historical information.

As a class, we will plan a Thanksgiving Feast. The children will take the lead and form committees. As a group, they will decide on the food, activities and games we will have at our feast. We will be asking each child to donate an item that we will need for our feast. Be on the look out later in the week for that donation list. The children will be doing the preparation and cooking!

Our feast will take place during the school day on Tuesday, November 24th. Because of the quantity of food involved, this event will not include families. We know your child will be excited to tell you all about it!

Field Trip to the Fire Station

On Thursday, we walked to the fire station to learn about fire safety. The children were able see where the fire fighters live while they are on duty. They were able to go inside an ambulance and fire truck. They even got to see a fire fighter dressed in his gear. While we were there, the fire fighters talked to the children about having a family meeting spot in their yards in case of a fire. Please talk to your child about what to do in case there is a fire in your home.

A special thanks to all of the parents that were able to help us on our field trip!

Harvest Celebrations

Thank you for sending in items for the Harvest Celebrations! It was nice to see so many family members come to join in the celebration. The children enjoyed treats, games and crafts. We hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences are on Tuesday, November 10th and Thursday, November 12th. A conference reminder note will go home next week.

We will be sharing current information on your child's alphabet and number knowledge, writing progress, and how they are adapting to school by using life skills in the classroom.

Please contact us with any questions!