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Newsletter of the Glenwood ES Library

Book Fair is Coming!

It's hard to believe it's almost Book Fair time, but it is!! The Book Fair will be on from March 4th-March 17th. The schedule is on the circulation desk, please stop by sometime this week to choose your shopping time for your class. For those of you that are new to Glenwood, or have a memory like mine, we do NOT have class preview days here because our school is too large. We will send home the flyers about 2 weeks before the bookfair with your class' shopping time.

If you send home a classroom newsletter, we'd appreciate if you'd include this link for parents to sign up to volunteer at the book fair. They will receive a shopping discount if they do.

Also, this year we will have a teacher preview day with snacks and prizes! Friday, March 4th, the rep from Scholastic will be here to help you create a class wish list and help you find books for your class. Come join us right after dismissal. Think of it as a pre-happy-hour event!

Let your Voice Be Heard!

Help us choose the titles for next year's Gator Tales program. Nominations will close Friday to I can start researching the availability/prices of the nominated titles before the end of this school year.

Here's the link for your AND your students to vote.

Next Round of Gator Tales Lunches

Wed: 2/24 Gator Tales Lunch 3rd & 5th : Matilda

Fri: 2/26 Gator Tales Lunch 4th : Matilda

Wed: 3/2 Gator Tales Lunch 2nd (all) : Flat Stanley

Morning Announcements

Have some Great Gator news to share from your classroom? Send it to me for the morning announcements. Just get it to me by 2:30 the day before, and we'll make sure to include a shout out to your Great Gators!
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Read Across America/Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration

Wednesday, March 2nd, 12am

2213 Round Hill Drive

Virginia Beach, VA

Join us in celebrating the birthday of our beloved Dr. Seuss. Every teacher who dresses up will get a prize from the Library! :-)
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E-mail me the Words "Baseball Season" in the subject line for a prize!