Mission San Francisco Solano

Crist Alvarez

Mission History


In1880 it was open,but at 1900 it closed. It was the 19 mission. Lieutenant Mariano Vallejo built. One of the number is 1880 a anther one is 1840. it is location in Mexican at san Francisco.

daily life

The one that went inside was Lieutenant Mariano Vallejo.The one in charge was the indians . The one that did the jobs were the men, but the one that did the chores was the women. For the men is to hunt, but for the women was to finish the clothes at 7 pm.The indians were grown up. No school and noattended.


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mission today

It is not open today. It is a museum so we could go to a field trip. It could be a church for a little would. It could be a museum.



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