This Is How I Lost 50 Pounds

Tea Burn Helped Me To Lose 50 Pounds

Growing up, I was a chronic overachiever in my academia but underachiever when it came to health and wellness. I also thought of myself as awkward and had trouble making friends. My parents split up when I was just 7 years old, and it was really tough. I began to see my dad and siblings less and less, until my mom eventually got full custody. I became quiet and unemotional because all I wanted was for everyone to get along and be happy—but with that came some very real loneliness.

By the time I was in elementary and middle school, I turned to food to try and fill that emptiness I felt inside. When I was 16, I started dating a guy and he showered me with the love and affection I had been craving for so long. But our relationship was unhealthy and left me feeling more broken and empty than ever, and it went on for four and a half years.

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Again, I turned to food. Entire pizzas. Full tubs of ice cream. Family sized bags of chips. I think a part of me somehow thought that I would find the solution to my problems at the bottom of the bag. And as time went on my problems only became worse and worse. During that relationship, I gained over 30 pounds.

So, I signed up for a gym and removed the junk food from my house. But I still didn’t know a lick about weight loss. I had tried to lose weight *so* many times before, using every method you could think of. I bought gym memberships and never went. I counted calories for a month and then gave up. I did seven-day cleanses to try to lose 10 pounds in a week, and then binged so hard afterward that I gained 12 pounds back.

Eventually, I realized that crash diets were not going to give me the results that I wanted. I knew that I needed to find something realistic if I was going to lose this weight and keep it off permanently. So when I started researching weight-loss approaches, I looked for something that sounded legit and sustainable.

After some time, I discovered Tea Burn. I read a lot of positive reviews, so I wanted to give it a try. To be honest, I was not expecting any results, but that was my last thing that gave me hope, and guess what? I was not disappointed again.

I lost 50 pounds in nine months — but I’ve gained so much more in love, respect, and confidence.

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I can finally look in the mirror and say that I truly love myself. I can walk into a room and feel fully confident that I belong there. I know my worth when it comes to my relationships and do not accept less than what I deserve. I am unafraid to raise my voice, share my story, and put myself out there to the rest of the world because I know just how much value I have to offer.