Travel Journal

By Maddie D

Calakmul, Mexico

I just arrived in the Tierra Bajas, and the beautiful city of Calakmul and home of the Mayans. I have noticed the many murals here. They have recently been in a awful war with Tikal (even though the weapons they have are of poor quality). The resources here and in Tikal are said to be equal, which is part if why the war started. The people of Calakmul have recently gained the upper hand in the war, or so I'm told. However, I have heard the elders mumbling about Tikal and their allies building up their power ever since they were crushed. All of the sudden, a messenger from one of Calakmul's allies arrive and tell the leader that they've been attacked by Tikal! The Calakmulian people must prepare for battle so they can defend their allies.
The war is still going on, But soon the Tikal warriors where taking down Calakmul's allies and destroying their cities. Soon they will come for us! I have also heard of other random cities falling and the people mysteriously disappearing. I wonder how long we will survive.
I have left Calakmul. Over the past few day, everyone has died of diseases or left without a trace. Tikal hasn't attacked either, so something must have happened to them. Now I will wait for more people to come and claim the land.


The citizens of Calakmul were know for their wall murals. This mural shows the daily life of the people that lived in the past. These where the people who pioneered this land way before we where even born!
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Havana, Cuba

I have recently come back from Havana, Cuba. While there, I met the president/dictator of Cuba Fidel Castro. He told me that Cuba is a communist country, or a country that believes in the motto "one for all, and all for one" where all are equal in income and profit, no matter the job. The government in Cuba has three branches: the judicial branch, the Legislative branch, and the Executive branch.
The Executive branch is headed by the president (who is also head of government and chief of states) and the vice president. The terms last 5 years.The cabinet for this branch is made of the Council of Ministers Gen. They vote for who gets elected as president.
The Judicial branch includes the National assembly and and the Council of States. The court system includes the People's Supreme court, military courts, etc.
The Legislative branch includes the National Assembly of Popular Power and the Cuban Communist Party, which is the only legal political party.
As the conversation ends, Mr. Castro gives me a Cuban flag. He tells me that the blue stands for the divide country during the independence war, the white stands for the purity of the patriotic cause, and the red stands for the bloodshed to free the nation. Also, the flag was made by Narciso López in June 25, 1848.

Cuban Flag

This is the official flag of Cuba. The blue stands for the divide country during the independence war, the white stands for the purity of the patriotic cause, and the red stands for the bloodshed to free the nation. The star in the middle of the red symbolizes the sky turned red with blood. The flag was made by Narciso López in June 25, 1848.
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Galapagos Islands

I just got back from the Galapagos islands. While there I studies the unique geography. In the Pacific Ocean, the Galapagos islands are an archipelago of underwater volcanoes and mountains. I saw the Vulcan Wolf with an elevation of 1707 meters on the island of Isabelle. Since Isabelle is on the equator, so the Galapagos islands are in both the northern and southern hemispheres.
I wasn't able to see all of the 7880 kilometers of land because there are 18 major islands, 3 minor islands, and a lot of rocks and islets. But even though I couldn't see all of the land, I was still able to bring back a tortoise shell I found on the beach.
The weather kept on changing, and the reason was the El Nino. It is an ocean current that flows along the equator.
While swimming, I could feel both the warm and the cool water. I later learned that the cold water comes from the Humboldt current while the warm water comes from underwater vents.
The Galapagos islands are very special; the geography is like no other I can't wait for my next trip!

Giant Tortoise Shell

This is the tortoise shell I found on the beach. It belonged to a giant tortoise, which are special to the Galapagos islands. Theses tortoises can live for hundreds of years. They hold the record for the longest-living mobile life form.
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Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Today I arrived in Rio de Janerio, or Rio. When Looking around the city, I saw the Portuguese, English, and French inspired architecture. I also heard about the Biblioteca Nacional, which is the seventh largest library in the world. But what really got my attention was the music.
The official song of this nation, "Cidade Maravihosa" was festive and joyful, it made me want to stop and dance to it. It just had that describable feeling that made you happy, unlike any other music I had ever heard. And where ever this music played, a party soon followed. No matter if the type of music, beat, or instrument the meaning stays. Not even the types of music change it, electronic (EDM's), funk, soul, house, rock, metal, and hip-hop all make you have that same feeling. But what you can all ways hear the samba echoing from some where in the city.

When you are out walking you can always find a friendly game of football, and evey one gladly lets you in. They pass the ball to you, with no picking favorites like here, it wasn't to beat your opponent, it was just a laid back game of soccer.


This is a big party that happens once a year, it boils down to one point, PARTY! Rio's laid back life stile goes away as every one dances and attends massive parties. This is not to be missed for it covers the hole city.
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