Mrs. Kidwell's Lesson Plans

Wednesday, May 16th

Today's Agenda

1. Have students finish working at stations for the article, "Behind Barbed Wire". Some of the students were assigned to stations in the hallway and some were assigned to stations in the classroom. They know where they need to be. Please make sure they are working quietly and independently. They should be writing their answers in the RWJ (notebook).

2. As students finish all four stations, please have them come to you for a copy of the answers. I will have a few copies available so that more than one student can be checking their answers at a time. Have them look over what they got and compare it to the correct answers. Make sure to explain that they need to figure out WHY they got the answers incorrect before moving on.

3. When students have finished all the stations, they will need to complete an online quiz over the article on Students may use their own device or may borrow a laptop from the cart to complete this quiz. There are a total of 10 laptops on the cart, so please make sure all 10 are plugged back in before any student leaves for the next class! They may use the article or their RWJs to help them answer the questions.

If students finish all of these activities early, you may send them to the library in groups of 3 or fewer to get books for the "Take 5" program. They must have a signed yellow form from their parents stating they can participate in this. If they do not have one, they can not go. Students may also borrow books from my shelf for today if they need one to read.

Everything you need to conduct today's activities is located on one powerpoint:

1. Show the powerpoint titled, "Wednesday's Activities and Instructions". This will be located on the desktop of the classroom computer next to the printer. Just log into the computer under the following information:

Username: 505000001

Password: bulldogs

2. The second slide will show them today's agenda, as well as any info they will need to login to

Important Notes

  • Please note that we will be following a Wednesday schedule today. The schedule is located in the red sub binder as well as on the board (hanging on the rod). Students will be going to DDL today for Bulldog Pride time. Instructions for DDL will be in the text box below.
  • Please make sure the projector is on and turned to DVD during morning announcements and for afternoon bus call. When you need to project my slideshow, please set the projector to HDMI 1.
  • 1st and 4th academics are a co-taught class, so you will have a co-teacher in the room with you during that period . My co-teacher is Yolanda Cherestal, and she is fabulous! She can run the show for you if you want!
  • All other information you may need can be found in my red sub binder!


We go to lunch from 11:26-11:51. My class sits at table #9, and Anya and Ella are the cleaners this month (they will stay behind to clean while the rest of us head back to the classroom).


Please feel free to remind students that you will write down names of anyone who is giving you any problems, and I will provide either a silent lunch or detention when I get back.
Thanks for all of your help! If you have any questions, please feel free to text or call me at (678) 314-8130.

DDL Lesson Plan (during Bulldog Pride)

Students will complete Post Survey - "Am I Ready For Middle School?" & DDL notebooks will be collected & turned in to below locations.

1. Assign 1-2 students to pass out the DDL binders. They are located on the book cart to the right of the classroom computer and printer.

2. Have DDL class complete Post Survey with a higlighter (should already have copy in notebook from beginning of year) If students need a new copy, I will have some provided on the back table.

3. Collect all Data Notebooks:

Notebook Collection Procedure:

Have students sign off on roll sheet notebook has been returned.

Select 3-4 student leaders in your class to alphabetize and take all notebooks to the Career Center (this is located in the media center).

The DDL committee appreciates all you do to help students set academic goals! If you have any questions check with grade level counselor or AP.