Engagement Strategies for Success

Good Shepard Work-May 31st

Goal and learning targets

Today we will:

1. Define rigorous instruction
2. Relate rigor to engagement
3. Describe the learning conditions of the engaged classroom
4. Identify factors for intrinsic motivation
5. Explain how to monitoring for learning and engagement
6. Compare monitoring for learning, engagement, and compliance
7. Use technology tools to engage learners
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Model of Instruction

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4 Questions Learners Ask

1. Is this important?

2. How do I feel?

3. Am I interested?

4. Can I do this?

Using technology

1. Kahoot

2. Tellagami

3. Shadowpuppet EDU

4 Types of Feedback

1. Self Level

2. Product or Task Level

3. Process Level

4. Self Regulation Level

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