South Asia - India

The Beautiful... India

Cities and Landforms

One of India's most popular cities is Bollywood. Not a knock off from Hollywood, just as good!! The "B" in Bollywood comes from the Indian city Bombay. One of the attracting landforms is the Thar Desert. One of the largest deserts in the world. Another is the Himalayan Mountains just on the northern boundary of India. Some mountains with foot hills that are within the country.


India has a MAJOR movie industry located in Bollywood. Most movies that are made in Bollywood are Hindu. Bollywood is slowly and steadily rising to the top, it has made it's way to the National Awards. Just overall, a very popular movie industry in India. India also has a very open market. It is the seventh largest in the world by nominal GDP. India has the fastest growing services. The growth is major because the population is young. Much like



India's religion contains eighty percent Hindusim. Sometimes also includes Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism. The main stream religion is Hindusim and most of the population worships that religion. This religion is the most popular and if you were to walk into a local church you would most likely hear people praying for Hindusim.