william lloyd garrison

By Daniel Abrahamson

William Lloyd Garrison was born December 10, 1805 in Newport, Massachusetts. He died May 24, 1879 in New York City. In 1830 he started an abolitionist paper The liberator. In 1832 he helped form the New England Antislavery Society. When the Civil War broke out, he continued to blast the Constitution as a pro slavery document. When the civil war ended, he at last saw the abolition of slavery. He died May 24, 1879 in New York City.

as a little boy

He sold lemonade as a youth and went to a printing school until he started journalism to understand how to print. William also lived in Massachusetts.

William was vary inept with slavery he did not like it one bit. At the age of 25, Garrison joined the anti-slavery movement and he wrote a book

William Lloyd Garrison was an American journalistic crusader who helped lead the successful abolitionist campaign against slavery in the United States.
Here is his and his wife's grave
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