Panda Post

Week of November 15

Thank you for your hard work in PLCs this week.

Thank you for being so thoughtful and honest in PLCs this week. I know the work we are called to do isn't always easy, and sometimes it's complicated! Thanks so much for your dedication and hard work. I also appreciate your honesty with each other and with me!

Keep up the hard work! It's will pay off for our kids!!

This Week

Monday: Buster the Bus 11:30-12:00 and 12:10

November Fire Drill in the afternoon

You don't want to miss Ms. Brick's mini workshop (only 20 minutes) on Behavioral Strategies..... Location TBA.

Tuesday: Staff Meeting at 3:25 - Miss Holden's room
All Science Project to the MP room for judging in the am


Thursday: PES Science Night 6:00-7:30. Please have your displays or grade level projects in the hallway by 6:00. PTA is serving us pizza in Mrs. Cardman's office. I bet it will be there by 5:30.

Friday: MTSS meeting in the afternoon at Horton

Team, We will have several walkthroughs this year from various members of Central Services. This Thursday Dr. Hartness will be here to visit classroom. We will focus on math since that's one of our School Improvement goals.

Wreath pick up is scheduled for this Thursday. Thank you for your patience. I do not have a time yet. I will update you!

Click Here for the Book Fair Sign up

Each class should sign up for two visits.

The BOOK Fair is Here!!

Mrs. Swift will meet with all media classes in the computer lab this week.
Mrs. Rone will take her show on the road and come to your classrooms during specials. I've asked her to organize laptops for the kids to work on or to do a whole group Classworks lesson.