Pre 1900 Space Mission

William Herschel

Sir Frederick William Herschel

Launch (date of when he went to space) - Did not go into space

Discoveries - Discovered Uranus in 1781, Saturn's smallest spherical moon - Mimas, Saturn's brightest moon called Enceladus in 1789, discovered Uranus's largest moon Titania in 1787.

Technology - No technology used at the time.

Contributions Made - Helped discover a new planet, helped uncover a lot about Saturn and Mars.

Interesting Facts

He was under the employment of King George III. He was born in Germany, but became a British astronomer. He made the biggest telescope created so far.

About William Herschel

Born - 15th November 1738 at Hannover, Germany

Died - 25th August 1822

Famous for discovering Uranus, and its 2 moons, Titania and Oberon.