Yoga and Kombucha Workshop

health and wellness event

June 5th @ 12:00

Join me as we practice short gentle vinyasa sequences and breathwork designed to awaken and loosen up the body. Following the practice, we will have a Kombucha tasting of a few of my favorite varieties and flavors. We will discuss how to flavor your own Kombucha, what works and what doesn't and I will give out a few recipes to take home and try. I will also give a tutorial on how to brew your own Kombucha at home. You will learn the steps and process as well as the difference between the fermentation process and 2nd fermentation, bottling do's and dont's and all your Scoby questions and answers, plus tips and shortcuts for simplifying the process.

So What is Kombucha?
Kombucha is a fermented tea, that is brewed with the use of a Scoby (Sub Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). The Scoby is also known as the 'Mother'. It has been made as a health drink for thousands of years and as of late, has become an increasingly popular drink. It tastes like a sour/sweet sparkling cider. It aids the liver in detoxifying and cleansing the body. It is a great replacement for soda or energy drinks, as it naturally gives you an energy boost and is delightfully fizzy.

This is an extremely easy and fun way to make a healthy beverage for a very low cost and time commitment. And for those who want to try and do not have a scoby, I will be selling a new Scoby and starter tea the day of the event. Anyone can do this. Even if you have no plans on making Kombucha, lets practice some yoga, hang out and sip on some Kombucha together.

Sunday, June 5th, 12-2pm

Sacred Path Yoga 1146 west Jefferson street, shorwood IL

Call for registration 815-744-3390

25.00 workshop
$10 extra for purchase of Scoby and starter tea