Property Sales

In the Chesapeake Bay Watershed!

By: Sai Shivani Gurrapu

Home to more than 17 million people and 3,600 species of plants and animals, the Chesapeake Bay watershed is truly an extraordinary place.

Here's your chance to say you BOUGHT THE FARM! Prime development opportunity. Land is cleared and suitable for residential construction. Two accesses to property; one on Buskey and another on Taft. Land is currently leased through this season's harvest.

For sale!

Latitude: 36.622028872985; Longitude: -76.272367458558

This piece of land will be cleaned every 1 week to keep Mother Nature alive, this is area currently used for farming. It will be improved by having a pond for fishes, and also there are many places around you could explore an discover. You should always take care of this land to help mother nature and not destroy it. Please put your trash in the trash box provided in our county. Also please don’t throw our plastic bags into the water it may travel and it can damage the animals living under the sea. Please help, in other words ACT!