Kairos Update

Casey Baumgartner

Exciting News!

This summer I will be serving as a Staff Discipler (small group leader) on Royal Servant’s Western Europe Team. We will be in many different locations including:England, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France, and Italy. I will spend the summer discipling two or three teenage girls as we camp all over Europe spreading God’s word through street evangelism, intentional conversation, and service work. I am so excited to be part of this incredible team and even more excited to see God work throughout Europe. I look forward to being able to guide my small group and walk with them as they experience this amazing trip!

How You Can Help

-For my future small group girls
-For my leadership abilities, and wisdom for me to lead my small group well
-For all the places we will travel to
-I'm still in need of $500 for trip expenses

Find Out More

About My Trip: http://reignministries.org/royalservants/western-europe/#bcd-5
About My Year at Kairos: caseyskairosjourney@wordpress.com
Call Me: 507-696-0079