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Week of January 24th

Click Here for Your 1st Task! (and change this title too)

See that little box to your left? It says Design? If you click on the drop down arrow, you'll see a bunch of other choices for the overall design of the newsletter. You can try each one.

Settled on one? Now try changing the background. We've got dedicated backgrounds for educators -- choose one you like (head's up, it's a hard choice!)

Last two tasks:

1) Change the color

2) Change the font


Change the photo to your own photo! Hover over the photo, click the "x" at the top and "clear the image." Then, click on the place holder and upload your own!

Done? Way to go!

Here's some potential text that you could use in this section:

Happy to be sharing our new newsletter tool, Smore! This will allow me to send regular updates, share pictures, and give a head's up for important information. This is my first run with it. What do you think? It's both easy to use and useful to have!

Task 2: Add in Calendar Items (Possible title: Important Dates: Upcoming)

Upcoming important dates:

  • PD Sessions?
  • Grade Due Dates?
  • Project Due Dates?
  • Parent/teacher night?
  • Staff Professional Development day?

When you click done, hover over this section until you see little arrows pointing to the left and right. Click on the arrows to change the layout of this section!

Pro-tip: If you have a calendar with events already made (like on google slides), you can save it as an image and add that image directly to the newsletter as a "big photo" (see below)!

Big picture

Let's Try Some Visuals! (good alternative title: What We're Up To!)

Now let's try a video link!

Here's some sample text for this section:

It's always great to end on an inspiring note. Take a few minutes and watch this video (at home with your children)/(with a colleague or friend).

Click on "done" and hover over this section until you see the green "plus sign". Then, select "video" and paste in a URL. (Make sure to delete this sentence after you embed the link)!

About Us - Don't forget this important section!

Before you press send, update this section! You'll want to include any pertinent contact info here, plus any social media (optional, of course). Also, if you scroll down, you'll see that you can also add forms, event flyers, audio links, all kinds of fun stuff!)