The Tundra is found near the top of the Earth, 55 to 75 degrees north.

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Summer in the Tundra is usually 6-10 weeks long, and during that time it can warm up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. In other parts of the year, the temperature stays below 20 degrees and averages at about -20 to -30 degrees. There is a very low amount of precipitation (6-10 inches), causing it to be a dry environment.

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For plants to live in the Tundra, they must be able to survive in the frigid and dry weather conditions. Some examples of organisms that have managed to do this include arctic moss, arctic willow, diamond-leaf willow, tufted saxifrage, and bearberry.

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Like with plants, the Tundra's animals had to adapt to harsh conditions. These animals include arctic fox, caribou, grizzly bear, musk ox, polar bear, and snowy owl.

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